Exclusive — ‘Nefarious’ Star Sean Patrick Flanery: This Film will Force Believers and Nonbelievers to Ask Questions About Good and Evil


Actor Sean Patrick Flanery told Breitbart News’ editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot 125’s Breitbart News Daily that his new faith-based horror movie Nefarious will force believers and non-believers alike to question the existence of good and evil.

Nefarious, which opened in cinemas Friday, tells the story of a convicted serial killer (Flanery) who may or may not be possessed by a demon, and the psychiatrist (Jordan Belfi, Entourage, Grey’s Anatomy) who attempts through a series of intense interrogations to determine if the inmate is fit for execution.

Written and directed by God’s Not Dead filmmakers Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, the movie creates a dialectical debate between pure good and pure evil as the clock to execution time winds down.

Flanery said the movie speaks to a wide range of people, not just people who believe in God. “It is such a well-executed story that doesn’t ask you for introspection, it forces introspection,” he said.

The challenge of playing a man who might be possessed has provided Flanery with what he calls one of his best roles since Powder (1995). He first worked with Konzelman and Solomon on the 2006 vampire indie movie The Insatiable and the experience was so rewarding that he told them “I would do a Froot Loops commercial with y’all.”

When they called him about Nefarious, he said he jumped at the opportunity.

Flanery said he is drawn above all to quality and talent.

“A large percentage of faith-based films and right-of-center films, in my opinion and I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but they’re just not good,” he said. “I believe and support the content, but just because you have good morals doesn’t mean you can play the guitar like Eddie Van Halen.”

“When I read the script, I said this script is worthy of everything the best Hollywood has to offer. I think it stands on its own, across party lines and across religious lines,” he said. “There’s a place for really every demographic to enjoy this film.”


Nefarious opens nationwide in theaters today.

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