Tommy Lee Attacked for Sharing Liz Wheeler Clip on Transgenderism, Deletes Post, Writes, ‘I’m the Gayest Motherf***er Around!’

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 10: Musician Tommy Lee poses at the after party for the screening
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Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee deleted an Instagram post that social media users called “transphobic,” and then claimed that he is the “gayest motherfucker around.”

Lee apologized after sharing a 2017 clip on Instagram featuring Liz Wheeler, host of One America News Network (OANN)’s Tipping Point, according to a report by Pink News.

In the clip, Wheeler reportedly compared identifying as the opposite sex to identifying as children. The OANN host also suggests that society becoming more accepting of transgender propaganda can lead to white people pretending to be black and able-bodied people identifying as disabled.

After falling under attack for sharing the video clip, Lee deleted the content and posted a statement, writing, “I deleted my ‘controversial’ post because I am in no way transphobic or against the LGBTQIA+ community or any fucking community.”

“Shit, I’m the gayest motherfucker around!” the musician added.

Lee, however, still maintained his concern about transgenderism being taken too “far” in today’s society.

“I just don’t agree with how far some things have been taken,” he said. “I just think it’s crazy that some people are blinding themselves because they feel they should’ve been born blind.”

“I get being born female and identifying as male, or being born male and identifying as female or whatever,” Lee continued. “But when people start identifying as babies or animals…WTF!”

“I posted that because it got me thinking (and you should too) about where this and our world is all going,” he added.

While some of Lee’s fans accused him of “falling for the alt right propaganda,” the reality is that the musician is not the only one concerned about what is happening in today’s world.

A growing share of Americans say acceptance of transgenderism has gone “too far,” and a majority reject using the “gender-neutral” pronouns “they/them,” a recent Wall Street Journal-NORC poll found.

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