Leftists Outraged over Aubrey Plaza Commercial Mocking Plant-Based Milk: ‘So Disappointed’

YouTube; Wood Milk
YouTube; Wood Milk

Leftists are outraged over a new commercial featuring actress Aubrey Plaza mocking plant-based milk. “What’s next Aubrey? Will you be promoting foie gras, veal, human slavery, or perhaps heroin?” one social media user asked.

In the satirical commercial, Plaza states that she is “the co-founder of Wood Milk, the world’s first and only milk made from wood.”

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“Wood Milk started with a simple idea. I saw a tree, and I asked myself, ‘Can I drink this?’ As it turns out, the answer is yes, if you make it into milk,” the White Lotus star continues. “Here at Wood Milk Orchards, we grow our trees the old fashioned way: right out of the ground.”

“And we’re certain our eco-friendly, our artisanal, free-range wood milk will be the only milk you’ll want to drink for the rest of your life. Why? Because you’re thirsty. And because you want it. Because you want that wood as your milk,” she adds.

Plaza goes on to say that the wood milk “locks in the flavors like oak, cherry, maple, and of course, mahogany,” before adding, “If you can’t pick your favorite, that’s okay, because they all taste like wood.”

“Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. Not fruits, wood,” the Parks and Recreation star says before taking a drink of a substance, and then asking the camera, “Got wood?”

“Is wood milk real? Absolutely not. Only real milk is real,” Plaza concludes, before asking, “Then what did I invest in?”

Leftists on social media quickly attacked Wood Milk and Plaza, who both disabled the comment sections for their YouTube and Instagram post.

But the left took to other Instagram posts by Plaza to attack her for supporting real milk.

“Dissapponted to see you use your platform to discourage people from making healthier and kinder choices. Hope this is a learning opportunity for you,” one Instagram user wrote.

“So so so disappointed – please educate yourself,” another commented.

“Perhaps next, you could do a snarky ad mocking the people who try to stop dogfighting or clips of you laughing over other videos showing baby seals getting beaten to death for their fur,” another quipped.

“Stop mocking vegans. We are right about ethics and the environment,” another Instagram user proclaimed.

“What’s next Aubrey? Will you be promoting foie gras, veal, human slavery, or perhaps heroin next? Who need ethics, Aubrey is for sale apparently,” another stated.

The left-wing news site, Vox, also reacted to the Wood Milk commercial with a lengthy piece complaining about Plaza “mocking plant-based milks.”

Vox took issue with Plaza stating “only real milk is real,” and argued that “the idea that one type of milk is real and the other isn’t is absurd,” before complaining about the “many ethical problems in dairy production,” such as its inhumane treatment of cows and its impact on the environment.

The piece, however, eventually admits that the dairy production system in place is actually “necessary” in order to feed milk to 330 million Americans at a low cost.

“It’s necessary — if you’re trying to produce enough milk to feed 330 million Americans at a low cost, you have to do it on a large scale with the aid of technology to make it more efficient and safe,” the site acknowledges.

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