Arnold Schwarzenegger on RFK Jr’s Campaign for President: ‘I Love that He’s Out There Running’

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.== RIVERKEEPER Honors GOVERNOR ARNOL
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In a long-ranging interview with the New York Times, Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger noted that he is thrilled to see that Robert F. Kennedy Jr is out there running for president.

In the interview published on Set. 28, Times writer David Marchase asked The Terminator how he felt of the “conspiracy theories” and anti-vax rhetoric being promulgated by RFK Jr.

Almost at the top of the interview, Marchase asked Schwarzenegger, “A question about a former in-law of yours: what do you make of R.F.K. Jr.’s anti-vax, conspiracist turn?”

Schwarzenegger reminded that he became close to RFK Jr. when he met Maria Kennedy and soon enough RFK was part of his family once he married her.

The action star added that he likes RFK.

“I always liked him. But when I look at him being suspicious of certain things, I ask myself, can anyone really judge him in a fair way?” Schwarzenegger replied.

“Because here’s a guy who has had an uncle assassinated, a father assassinated. No one wants to open up the files. So, you must say to yourself, What is the reason for that? You start not trusting governments,” the Kindergarten Cop star noted.

“I don’t live with this kind of suspicion, because nothing ever happened to me that makes me feel like that. But a lot of things happened to him, so this is where he is coming from. I’m not saying rightfully or wrongfully. I’m just saying I can see why someone like him is the way he is,” Schwarzenegger continued.

Still, Marchase wasn’t satisfied and pressed Schwarzenegger, alluding to the claims that RFK is pushing misinformation and conspiracy theories that stray from “facts.”

“But we can be sympathetic to someone and what happened to them and also say facts are facts?” Marchase asked.

“His facts are different. I understand what you’re saying, but there’s people out there who have their own facts,” Schwarzenegger said.

“That’s the problem,” Marchase grumbled.

“Of course, it’s a problem, but I’m just saying it’s not that you can go to someone and say, ‘Look, these are the facts,'” Schwarzenegger replied.

“I see Bobby in Gold’s Gym. I like him, and I love that he’s out there running. I will always say great things about Bobby, because during my entire existence with the Kennedys he always treated me with respect. I will always do this the same way back: absolute respect,” Schwarzenegger concluded.

Schwarzenegger, of course, famously ran for and won the office of Gov. of California in 2003 after former Gov. Gray Davis was recalled and lost his seat as California’s chief executive. But while he ran for office as a Republican, he turned out to be far more liberal than many expected. He is pro-abortion and also a huge proponent of climate change hysteria.

Schwarzenegger was also revealed as a major COVID-19 vaccine supporter, calling those who did not want to wear a mask a “schmuck,” and even going so far as saying “screw your freedoms” to those who said they had a right not to be forced to take a vaccine they did not trust or want.

His attacks on American freedom caused him to lose a sponsor for his Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition when Redcon1, a maker of bodybuilding supplements, pulled their sponsorship of his event in 2021.

Schwarzenegger’s militant stance on mask wearing is a perfect example of the “facts” argument made by the Time’s Marchase, though, because there is almost no evidence that wearing a mask prevents the transmission of coronavirus.

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