Exclusive: Amazon Prime Video Removes ‘The Plot Against the President’ Documentary Without Explanation

Amazon has blacklisted the Amanda Milius-directed documentary The Plot Against the President by removing the title from its Prime Video streaming service without explanation.

Consumers are no longer able to digitally rent or purchase  The Plot Against the President from the platform.

Amazon searches performed by Breitbart News produced different results. In some cases, such as using the Prime Video app, the title doesn’t appear at all. In other cases, the movie does appear but with a message saying “This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location.”

It remains unclear when Amazon took down the movie, though it appears to have happened in the past two months.

A spokeswoman for Prime Video didn’t respond to an inquiry from Breitbart News.

The Plot Against the President, based on the bestseller by Lee Smith, provides an in-depth look at the Russiagate hoax and how Democrats and the mainstream media conspired to undermine the peaceful transition of power following the 2016 election.

The documentary focuses in large part on then-Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) efforts to expose efforts to take down then-President Donald Trump.

Since it became available to stream on Amazon in late 2020, the movie accumulated about 17,000 user reviews. By comparison, the Oscar-winning Al Gore climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth currently has around 2,800 reviews.

“In my opinion, Amazon was embarrassed that this film they had no idea about, and probably ideologically disagree with, ever did so incredibly well on the platform, even if it made them a lot of money,” Amanda Milius said in a statement.

Amazon Prime Video has also removed the entire library of the movie’s distributor, Turnkey Films. The decision appears to have stemmed from a single copyright complaint against one title.

As Breitbart News reported back in 2020, Amazon held back the streaming release of The Plot Against the President for almost two weeks, saying that the movie needed a “content review” before it could begin streaming on Prime Video.

Amazon has a history of blacklisting conservative streaming content. Prime Video did not offer a live stream of the Republican National Convention during primetime in 2020 after it livestreamed all four nights of the Democratic National Convention.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the far-left Washington Post, which has positioned itself as an anti-Trump outlet.

The Plot Against the President will be available to stream on the Rumble / Locals platform starting Thanksgiving Day. It is still available on iTunes and YouTube, as well as Movies Plus.

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