Rapper Lil Nas X, Who Compared Catholics to Nazis, Teases ‘Christian Era’ of His Career


Rapper Lil Nas X appeared to tease that he has entered the “Christian era” of his career.

“y’all mind if i enter my christian era ?” the rapper said in a post on X.

As noted by TMZ, the posted the new song “snippet and visual on his social media to highlight his foray into Christianity, complete with lyrics like ‘Father stretch my hands’ and references to feeling isolated.”

“His shirt also captioned the quote, ‘If God Doesn’t Exist Then Who’s Laughing At Us?'” it added.Fans doubted the sincerity and felt it was a troll similar to when he posted a pregnant photo of himself, for which he apologized to the transgender community.

Lil Nas X has a history of provocation to sell records and get clicks, such as when he compared Catholics to Nazis at the BET Awards. As Breitbart News reported:

Rapper Lil Nas X is at the center of another controversy after showing up to the BET Awards donning a dress featuring a distinct, controversial message, depicting what the outfit’s designer described as “parallelism between Nazism” and the Catholic church.

The Montero singer walked the red carpet wearing a gown designed by Andrea Grossi, which stands as part of her “Welcome to DeusLand” collection which supposedly “talks about a future society and the future of human being” and contains imagery drawing parallels between Nazism and the Catholic church.

“Through an artwork I notice and describe the ‘Occident’s Chaos’ with parallelism between Nazism and church, ideologies that have led the populations for a long time in wrong way,” the designer said in a description of the controversial collection. “What is our ideology today?”

His sexually raunchy performance on Saturday Night Live also hit a ratings low for the show.

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