‘It Never F**king Ends’: Peacock Launching Series on Gay and Transgender Animals

Getty Images/Francisco Carrillo Calderon

NBCUniversal’s Peacock is proudly releasing a series to push the LGBTQIA2S+ agenda, featuring what they describe as gay and transgender animals, as the preview for the series concludes that “the idea of just having two fixed sexes is clearly out of style.”

The trailer for the series features a narrator proclaiming that the planet is home to roughly 11 million species, as a chyron on the screen asserts that the “animal kingdom isn’t as simple as black and white,” flashing to a still photo of what appears to be a male lion humping another male lion.

“Everything you were taught as a kid was wrong,” one individual says in the trailer,” as the narrator previews “gay penguins, bisexual lions, [and] sex-changing clownfish.”

“This is a queer planet,” an individual in the trailer says as another asserts that “queerness as always existed.”

“It’s only in humans that we have such a stigma about it,” a woman states.

“The idea of having two fixed sexes is clearly out of style,” the voiceover says as a woman says, “Mother Nature is pretty open minded.”

Those featured in the trailer conclude that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

The series is narrated by Andrew Rannells, who said in a statement, “We’ve all heard of gay penguins, but this film really opened my eyes to the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ behaviors across the natural world.”

“And what could be more natural than being who you are? I’m excited to be part of ‘Queer Planet,’ especially during Pride Month, and on Peacock, surely the most colorful and glamorous of all the streaming services,” he added.


Commenters across social media platforms made it clear they are sick of the overt pushing of the LGBTQIA2S+ agenda.

“It never fucking ends!!!!” Donald Trump Jr. remarked:

“Next will be normalizing people and animals,” another Twitter user said.

“Won’t end until all brains have been washed…” another commented.

Comments on the YouTube link for the trailer were equally as brutal, as many made it clear they were canceling their Peacock subscriptions.

“This is actual insanity.”

“This gabage [sic] need to stop.”

“I just want to remind you that some animal species eat their family members just for fun.”

“And just like that, millions of peacock accounts were cancled [sic].”

“What a load of garbage I thought this was from The Onion.”

“When you try to find fringe examples to justify your horrible narrative.”

“Deleting my peacock account right now.”

“Annnnnddd, deleting my peacock account.”

“Cancelling peacock right now.”

“Bye.. deleted all peacock subs.”

“Just deleted my peacock account.”

“Deleting Peacock account immediately.”

“When does this come out. Sooo excited to cancel my subscription!!!”

The announcement of the series comes two weeks away from the far-left’s “Pride Month” in June, which they have used to heavily push their agenda in recent years. Not surprisingly, the series will begin to stream on June 6.

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