Detransitioner Crashes Disney Shareholder Meeting, Blames Company for Her Body Being ‘Irreversibly Damaged’

SHANGHAI, CHINA - DECEMBER 19: Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, speaks during the
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A former transgender person who has detransitioned crashed Disney’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday by calling into the public line and accusing the studio of pressuring young girls into undergoing sex-change procedures.

“Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariel’s,” Chloe Cole told CEO Bob Iger.

Chloe Cole, who transitioned into a “boy” at the age of 16 by undergoing surgery and hormone treatment, said her body as been “irreversibly damaged.”

Cole is part of the group Do No Harm, which opposes transgender procedures for minors. Since detransitioning, she has become a vocal opponent of the trans lobby’s aggressive push to allow children to undergo irreversible procedures to change their sex.

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“Mr. Iger, Disney, under your watch, is pushing the limited agenda of gender ideology. Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariel’s across the world by telling us that we can be something that we can never become. The lawsuits are coming, sir.”

In recent years, Disney has promoted transgenderism in its entertainment aimed at children.

Transgender and other gender non-conformist characters have appeared in multiple Disney TV series, including Baymax, Loki, Ironheart, and Raven’s Home.

As Breitbart News reported, the animated Disney+ series Baymax features a transgender “man” who menstruates, wears a transgender pride shirt,  and gives advice on which maxi pad to buy.

Recently leaked videos showed Disney leaders bragging about promoting LGBTQ ideology to young children through the studio’s entertainment.

Disney recently lost its costly political battle with Florida.  The company attempted to overturn the will of Florida voters by seeking to reverse the Parental Rights in Education law, which bans the teaching of radical gender ideology and LGBTQ activism in public schools.

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