Fact Check: Bette Midler Pushes False Claim Hillary Clinton Never Questioned Election Results

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 27: Bette Midler accepts the Collaborator award onstage
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Claim: Hollywood star Bette Midler is pushing the left’s claim that Hillary Clinton has never questioned election results. In an X post on Sunday, the actress wrote: “Can you imagine what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had claimed the election was stolen?”

Verdict: Misleading if not completely false.

Bette Midler worded her post as a question — a seemingly crafty gambit to stymie fact checkers. But her intention is unambiguous: she wants people to believe Hillary Clinton has ever cast doubt on the outcome of an election.

In fact, Hillary Clinton was a chief architect of the Russia collusion hoax, which sought to discredit the 2016 election by claiming then-candidate Donald Trump surreptitiously teamed up with Russia to fix the results.

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager has testified that she personally approved her campaign’s plans in late 2016 to promote allegations of a smoking gun connection between  Trump and  Russia. She even tweeted the accusations in a post that is still up.

Her campaign was behind the infamous Trump dossier — also known as the Steele dossier — which was leaked to Buzzfeed News and was published ten days before Trump took office. The dossier, which claimed Trump was a Russian asset, turned out to be completely false.

As a result of her actions, the mainstream news media spent the bulk of Trump’s term obsessing over “Russiagate,” with  some even winning Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage.

But, as Breitbart News reported , the Durham report eventually exonerated former President Donald Trump of colluding with Russia.

In a 2019 interview with CBS’ Sunday Morning show, Hillary Clinton called then-President Trump an “illegitimate president.” She added: “I know that he knows that this [the 2016 election] wasn’t on the level.”

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