Video: Torrential Rain Wipes Out Bridges in Indonesia

Villagers wade through flood water at the Saladi village in Mandailing Natal, North Sumatr

Heavy flooding triggered by torrential rain washed out several bridges in the Indonesian province of West Sumatra Monday.

Drone footage captured the extent of damage to the Kayu Tanam bridge in West Sumatra province after rains brought heavy flooding to the region. The bridge’s collapse shut down the main highway between Padang, West Sumatra’s capital, and Bukittinggi. Budi Mulya, Padang Pariaman Regency’s regional disaster management director, told Indonesian news outlet Detik that an estimated five bridges sustained damages.

Last week, heavy flooding and mudslides killed five people in Bali and destroyed 375 homes in Semarang city. Local reports state four people are still missing after torrential rain lashed parts of Pacitan, East Java Province.


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