Texas Zoo Will Name Cockroach After Your Ex, Feed It to Animals on Valentine’s Day

The problem in the house because of cockroaches living in the kitchen. Cockroaches hiding under a plate of food. Cockroaches are carriers of the disease.
gan chaonan/Getty Images

The San Antonio Zoo has concocted the perfect remedy for the brokenhearted this Valentine’s Day season.

For the price of $5, the zoo will allow customers to name a cockroach after an ex-lover and feed it to a reptile, mammal, or bird.

If customers feel like their ex was a snake, the zoo will allow customers to name a frozen rat to be fed to a reptile for $20 more.

The zoo also offers a vegetarian option for $5 for those not into feeding critters that consists of romaine lettuce and other leafy greens to be fed to vegetarian animals.

It is all a part of the zoo’s second annual “Cry Me a Cockroach!” fundraising event, where on February 14, the zoo will livestream the feeding frenzy on all their social media channels.

Reptiles, mammals, and birds will all join in on the feast that day.

The El Paso Zoo also held a similar event last year, although it was free of charge and donations were merely suggested, USA Today reported.

Both zoos streamed the events to their social media platforms last year, allowing people from all over the Internet to watch the feeding frenzy.


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