Another Liberal Democrat Loon Takes to Twitter to Trash Israel

Another Liberal Democrat Loon Takes to Twitter to Trash Israel

Who knows who Chris Davies MEP is? No one? Fair enough. It’s not surprising really. Another Liberal Democrat suckling at the taxpayer teat in Brussels, hopefully soon to be ousted by a surging UKIP, or quite frankly… anyone.

But in case, like me, you were unaware of who exactly this cretin is – it seems he gained a level of notoriety in 2006 for some… let’s say… less than flattering comments made toward a constituent and what he called the ‘Jewish Lobby’. 

He lost his position as leader of the Lib Dems in Brussels after telling a constituent: “I hope you enjoying wallowing in your own filth” after she politely pointed out that his comments likening the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the Holocaust were incorrect. 

Of course, following days of haggling with his party, Davies made a “fulsome apology”, as his sort often do, most probably muttering under his breath and cursing his luck at being found to be a cretinous fool.

Does it sound familiar? It should.

David Ward MP made similar comments on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, Baroness Jenny Tonge resigned from her party following her egregious statements, and Grahame Morris MP has also sipped from the anti-Semitic Kool-Aid

Now Chris Davies MEP is back on his anti-Israel kick, tweeting just a few moments ago: “East Jerusalem. Last week MEPs came on official visit to assess state of Palestinian prisoners. Zero Israeli cooperation”.

A few hours before he stated: “Passport control at Ben Gurion have just let me into Israel. Somehow I am always surprised when they do that”. 

Mindless drivel of course when you really think about it. What would the reaction of British MPs be if some anti-British Israeli, or even Palestinian officials came trotting into the UK, demanding to inspect our prisons, and terrorists therein?

I imagine not too helpful. At least I’d hope not.

And as for Davies’s shock that Israeli passport control allow him into Israel, you’d think he’d either realise one of two things from his experiences, rather than ‘always’ being ‘surprised’. Either: 

a) The Israeli government really doesn’t mind or care that Chris Davies MEP publicly criticises its policies, and has a fairly liberal approach to those who visit Israel on this basis; or…

b) No one knows who the hell Chris Davies MEP is, nor cares about his childish little efforts to undermine a nation.

Actually… I reckon Davies should quickly realise, the answer is c) Both. 


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