New UKIP Posters Highlight Cost of Living Crisis, Caused by EU Membership

New UKIP Posters Highlight Cost of Living Crisis, Caused by EU Membership

The last series of UKIP posters have been released, seeking to pull the rug out from under Ed Miliband and the Labour Party in tackling Britain’s ‘cost of living crisis’.

UKIP has long been targeting Labour voters – and the latest campaign is a sure sign that Nigel Farage’s tanks are parked squarely on Ed Miliband’s lawn. 

One poster shows a loaf of bread, with a strapline that reads “Use your loaf” – an old English turn of phrase that “used to tell someone in a slightly angry way that they should think more carefully about what they are doing” according to the Cambridge Dictionaries Online.

The poster claims that without the European Union, food bills in the UK would be £400 cheaper per year.

The second poster shows a lightbulb, a commonly used meme in eurosceptic circles because of the European Union’s diktats about what kind of lightbulbs are allowed to be used in British homes. The poster reads, “Great idea” and claims that “without the EU, every UK fuel bill would be £112 cheaper [per year]”.

A final poster spotted in the wild shows European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso lording over viewers. It reads, “Ruled Britannia” and claims that over 70 percent of Britain’s laws are made in Europe – a figure not far off from what Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claimed in 2003, but subsequently rescinded in his debate with Nigel Farage.

Mr Farage said: “Despite these being European elections, Labour and Ed Miliband do not want to talk about Europe. In fact they have nothing to say apart from the fact that they won’t trust the people to decide if they wish to be governed from Westminster or from Brussels.

“I agree with Mr Miliband that there is a cost-of-living crisis going on. But I intend to expose the fact that much of it is down to Labour’s own policies when it was last in government and in particular its acquiescence to diktats coming out of Brussels.

“These two new posters bring home the point graphically in a way I believe will resonate within working class communities. Food prices and energy prices are two key components of the squeeze on living standards. And in both cases the EU is right at the heart of the squeeze.”