Boris Johnson Calls For Sacking Of Hypocrite BBC Bosses Over 'N Word' Witchhunt

Boris Johnson Calls For Sacking Of Hypocrite BBC Bosses Over 'N Word' Witchhunt

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said that the entire BBC scheduling team should be fired because of their hypocrisy over the ‘N word’ after numerous incidents in recent weeks. 

David Lowe, from BBC Radio Devon lost his job after he played a 1932 version of the ‘Sun Has Got His Hat On’ without realising it contained the word n***er, but the corporation has repeatedly broadcast the film Pulp Fiction, and hosts songs online by Jay-Z and Kanye West called “N***az in Paris”. 

Writing in the Telegraph the Mayor of London compared bosses at the Corporation to the radical Nigerian Islamists “Boko Haram”, who decide that something is not allowed and then hound anyone guilty of it. He points out that “Boko” means book and “Haram” is against Islamic law. The group therefore started by banning learning then moved on to stop Nigerians enjoy a wide range of things, often at random.

Johnson claims that when Boko Haram denounces an activity, it has more to do with the rule of the mob than anything else. He compared this mob mentality to the witch-hunts against both David Lowe and Jeremy Clarkson. Both had long careers at the BBC and both had made genuine mistakes for which they were sorry. But both suffered from a campaign mounted by “self-appointed internet witch-doctors”.

However in the film Pulp Fiction a minor character played by the director Quentin Tarantino takes exception to two gangsters visiting his house with a dead body in their car. He says “Did you notice a sign in front of my house that says dead n****r storage? Did you?”. This film has been played on BBC TV a number of times, scheduled by staff who knew it contained the N word. 

Boris Johnson said: “Now can someone tell me, in the name of all that is holy, why David Lowe of Radio Devon was made to resign for mistakenly playing an old recording of the Sun Has Got His Hat On – and yet the BBC schedulers see nothing wrong with broadcasting Pulp Fiction?

“If there were any logic or consistency in the world, the entire cadre of BBC schedulers would be asked to commit harakiri. They should all be sacked, from Tony Hall downwards – every man and woman in the place.

“Will they go? I doubt it. Will they all be sacked? Not a chance. Will they be forced to apologise for repeatedly scheduling Pulp Fiction? Of course not. So where is the consistency, the fairness? Where does sanity lie?”

Mr Lowe had been a presenter of BBC Radio Devon for 32 years and was a much loved part of the community. The BBC claim the 67 year old had refused to opportunity to apologise on air and chose the resign instead. 

There is no suggestion that he knew the sinister lyrics of the song he was playing, but he was put under enormous pressure to resign anyway. Pulp Fiction has never had the N word censored out when it was shown on the BBC.