German Paper Publishes Photos of Duchess of Cambridge's Bum

German Paper Publishes Photos of Duchess of Cambridge's Bum

A German has published photos of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge’s bottom, sparking a new royal privacy row.

The pictures, which show her summer dress blowing up as she and Prince William walk away from a helicopter, were published in the Bild tabloid paper. They were taken during the couple’s recent tour of Australia.

The Express reports that Clarence House, the official residence of the couple, has refused to comment, but officials are rumoured to be furious at the latest breach of the couple’s privacy.

Bild writes that the photos show “our favourite Duchess Kate (32) in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

“The rotor blades of the Royal Helicopter swirl the air so Kate’s summer dress blew up – giving a clear view of her beautiful bottom!”

The photographer originally offered the pictures to the British press, but was turned down. She then offered the photos to the highest bidder.

In 2012, French magazine Closer published topless photos of Kate as she and William relaxed on a beach at Chateau d’Autet in Province. The photos were taken from a long lens, potentially thousands of feet away.

The royal couple took legal action against the magazine.

Last year, various magazines also published pictures of a heavily-pregnant Kate in a bikini.