White Children Will Be Minority in UK Classrooms by 2037

White Children Will Be Minority in UK Classrooms by 2037

White children will be in the minority in England’s state schools by 2037, if current population trends continue. The Sunday Times is reporting that official figures from the Department of Education show that the number of school children of non-British ethnicity rose by 61 percent in the decade to January 2014, but during the same period, the proportion of white British pupils fell by almost 12 percent.

In terms of absolute numbers, this meant that there were 1.83m children of non-British ethnicity, including those of Asian, black and white non-British heritage, in British schools in January 2014, up from 1.14m in 2004.

Meanwhile, the number of white British children fell from 5.4m in 2004 to just under 4.8m this year.If these trends continue, white British children will be in the minority across the whole of the country in 23 years’ time, bringing the rest of the UK in line with London, Birmingham, and some other inner cities where white British children are already in the minority.

The largest ethnic minority in British schools today are children of Asian heritage, of which there are nearly 670,000 pupils. The next two largest groups are black children and white non-British children, both represented by nearly 360,000 pupils each. There are also 320,000 mixed race children.

The fastest growing group are the white non-British, whose numbers have more than doubled per the last decade thanks to an open borders policy with eastern European countries.The figures are of concern because some claim that educational policies designed to support pupils of ethnic minority backgrounds are undermining the performance of white working class British children.

“The white working-class population is massively underperforming. We are neglecting the white working class, and do so at our peril.” Said Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education.

He also told the Sunday Times that the growth in ethnic pupils was making white working class children feel “increasingly alienated and marginalised”, and called upon policymakers to stop “neglecting” working class children.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet, said “These figures underline the way in which mass immigration is changing the whole nature of our society against the public’s wishes .”

Concerns that white working class pupils were being “left behind” educationally have been voiced for a number of years now.

In 2008 the government released a paper which showed that when a number of factors, including parents’ academic success, single parents status, and living in deprived areas, were taken into account, white working class pupils had a lower level of academic achievement than any other group.

White working class pupils were also noted to be one of two ethnic groups who had the lowest self-confidence and the lowest aspirations.


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