Former Private School Student Incites Terror Attacks on British Streets

Former Private School Student Incites Terror Attacks on British Streets

A British girl fighting with ISIS in Syria has spoken of her desire to see a bloody massacre on the streets of Britain.

Aqsa Mahmood, who is the daughter of a successful Glasgow business man and was educated at an exclusive private school, abandoned her university course last year to travel to Syria and join ISIS fanatics.

The Daily Mail says that she has since got married and had children, and has tweeted a series of descriptions of her daily life, but her tweets have started becoming more sinister.

Tweeting under the name Umm Layth, with the black flag of ISIS as her profile picture, she has posted jihadist propaganda, telling Muslim readers to “Follow the examples of your brothers from Woolwich…”, referring to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby on the streets of London by two extremists.

“If you cannot make it to the battlefield, the bring the battlefield to yourself,” she added.

She has also tweeted tips for other potential ISIS, offering tips on clothing, food and the weather. In one tweet, she wrote: “The winters here are freezing, trust me I’m from North of Britain and even still I found it cold.”

Friends have told the Daily Mail about how Mahmood, who was a popular and outgoing schoolgirl, became radicalised without them knowing. One said: “We just did normal teenage things: talked about hair and make-up, watched films, talked about our crushes. We weren’t different, she wasn’t different.

“We are Muslim girls – we don’t have boyfriends, just film crushes like Zac Efron. Asian culture is that you’re going to get married, you are going to have a semi-arranged marriage where you see the guy and say yes or no. But the main topic wasn’t, ‘Are we going to get married?'”

Another said: “We just wanted to study hard and get to uni.

“We used to study together, study for our Highers [Scottish school leaving exams]. We all believed we would have our education behind us, have a job then become a mother and be part-time. That’s how she felt through school, I don’t know if that changed.”

Her friend added that she was intelligent and highly popular: “She really loved reading, she was into poetry and would write poetry.

“She got on with everybody, Asians and other girls as well. She was such a laugh to be around.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said that the authorities are aware of Mahmood: “A 19-year-old female from Scotland was reported missing to us by her family in November 2013. Inquiries are ongoing in relation to her whereabouts and we are supporting her family.”


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