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Calais Illegals Taunt Border Guards

Calais Illegals Taunt Border Guards

Brazen migrants camping out at Calais are so confident of getting into Britain that they are now taunting British border guards at the French town’s port. Others already in Britain readily admit to enjoying British prison life because they get three meals a day and unlimited access to the football on Sky Sports, reports the Express.

The revelations come during a documentary due to be aired on Channel 5 tomorrow night. Illegals: Breaking into Britain illustrates how the immigrants are able to stowaway on vehicles to smuggle themselves across the border.

One clambers into a tiny space above the cab. Others have been known to spend 18 hours bent double under vehicles weighing tens of tonnes. A hooded migrant gives a demonstration of how to climb on board, slipping between the tyres of an articulated lorry to hang onto the rear axle. A Greek driver told reporters last week that he had found four migrants clinging onto the axle of his lorry recently.

“It’s a better life in the UK,” says the hooded migrant. “You can find a job in a factory, restaurant or kebab shop. It’s dangerous but we don’t have a choice – we want to go to the UK. I will try my best all day and all night. If we don’t cross we try again.

“Even if you deport me 10 times I will try again. If you want something you have to try and when you try you get it,” he smirked. Just days later he called the program makers to tell them that he had arrived in Liverpool.

He says the 2000 migrants currently in living rough in Calais all dream of getting to the UK. Most have refused to register for asylum in France; others have done so in order to get an easier ride from the French authorities, but continue in their attempts to get to Britain nonetheless.

Former Shadow Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe said “This is the easiest country in the world in which to disappear because there is no detention and a flourishing black economy. They know once they get into Britain the chances of being removed are about zero.”

This month the Home Office admitted to losing 175,000 illegal immigrants, but experts estimate that there are as many as 1.1million living in Britain, working on the black economy and claiming benefits. Immigrants waiting to have their applications processed are not able to legally work in the UK, unless their application has taken longer than a year to process.

According to a briefing note by the House of Commons Library, couples applying for asylum are entitled to claim £72.52 a week, and single adults £36.62. Lone parents aged over 18 can claim £43.94, whilst children under the age of 16 years can claim £52.96 a week. New mothers are also entitled to a one-off payment of £300. The briefing document notes that “all asylum applicants have access to rent free accommodation with utilities included.”

The program interviews some of the immigrants who have been living illegally in Britain. ‘Bobby’ arrived on fake documents 20 years ago and has been in and out of jail four times over the two decades. He describes his day to day life as “steal, sell, smoke”, and longs to get back into prison. “We get a nice breakfast, then a nice lunch and then dinner – we had Sky so watch football all day,” he tells the program makers.

Lorry drivers passing through Calais face fines of up to €20,000 and confiscation of their goods and lorries if immigrants are found stowing away on their lorries. However, earlier this summer hauliers begged the British government to send it the British Army to help protect them from immigrants who are growing increasingly violent in their desperation to hitch a lift.

“I am convinced a lorry driver will be killed soon, probably stabbed,” haulage boss Kevin Hopper told the Express.

One of his drivers, Tommy Harrison was recently attacked by a gang of immigrants in Calais: “One of them pulled a knife on me while others climbed up on top of the cab and cut a hole in the curtain to get inside. It was very frightening.

“There was very little I could do. About 10 of them got in. It’s hopeless going to the gendarmes because they don’t want to know, so I drove to a lorry park where I knew there would be other drivers and we got them out.

“I could have been stabbed or beaten up. It is the same risk for all drivers going through Calais.

“The mayor got rid of the camps there. Now they’re hanging around service stations well away from ­Calais, anywhere where lorries have to stop. No one is helping them in France so they sleep rough and are starving. It makes them even more desperate.

“The French have given up and actively urge them to get on the lorries and go to England. They just want to pass the problem on to us.”


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