The 'Apprentice Jihadist': Islamists Conduct Military Training in French Park

The 'Apprentice Jihadist': Islamists Conduct Military Training in French Park

French police were called to local park to investigate a group of “bearded” men in traditional Arabic dress on Monday after they were spotted carrying imitation weapons and conducting military-style combat exercises, reports local media.

As officers approached, the group of six “apprentice jihadists” shouted “infidels” at them, and that they “would burn in hell”, reports When the men were questioned, their leader claimed they were training to “avenge the deaths of their Muslim brothers who died under gunfire”, and as they were searched they shouted “Allahu akbar” at the officers.

Despite the claims that they were training for revenge, French police in the city of Strasbourg made no arrests, dismissing the incident as a “provocation”. Regardless, the case has been passed to the French counter-terrorism police for further investigation.

France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, which is rapidly making the nation inhospitable to Jewish citizens, who are leaving the country in droves. Islamic anti-Semitism, and violent pro-Gaza demonstrations have been cited as a reason for the flight of Jews from France, with 100 deciding to move abroad a day.

The radicalisation of France’s Muslim population is a matter of increasing concern, with many inhabitants of the infamous “Sensitive Urban Zones”, the violent suburbs of major cities that explode into flaming conflagrations every new years becoming accustomed to violence and civil disobedience.

There may be as many as 500 French citizens fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq already, and it was reported last week that an entirely family of eleven decamped to Syria from the French Riviera.

Domestic security in France was stepped up last month after “credible” intelligence reports from Iraq suggested Islamic terror cells may have been planning attacks on the Parisian metro. In May, the French citizen Islamic terrorist who attacked the Jewish museum of Belgium with an AK-47 assault rifle was arrested in Marseilles.

Reports at the time indicated he was planning a second attack on Bastille-day celebrations in Paris.


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