The Guardian Lays Out the Full Horror of a Brexit… A Queue at The Airport

Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

The Guardian, spiritual home of middle-class right-on liberals has all but admitted that a British exit from the EU would be a jolly good thing. In a list of “ten ways in which life could change if the UK left the EU”, the inconvenience we would all face by having to queue at customs takes the number one slot.

But we might not have to face the traumatic loss of the “fast track” system, as British people might be shut out from buying second homes on the Med (number three on the list), or indeed retire to Spain (number two on the list). Because of course, before EU integration, none of this was possible!

As if the horror wasn’t already enough, the Guardian goes on to warn that businesses – those purveyors of evil and greed – could urge consumer standards to be lowered.

If Guardian editors watched more daytime TV, they would know that, led in their charge by the inimitable Dominic Littlewood, British people are more than capable of holding errant companies bang to rights by themselves.

The same, of course, goes for environmental and employment rights, as well as divorce proceedings and the policing of crime.

On trade, the Guardian sagely advises that the “UK would have to replace the trade deals which the EU already has with some non-EU countries, such as Korea.”

Happily, though, we would be free to forge a trade deal with that minor player on the world stage: China, with which the EU currently has no agreement – and doesn’t allow us to make one for ourselves.

Frankly, if this is the sum of our concerns, the referendum can’t come fast enough.

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