Disgruntled Locals Use Fire to Resist Enforced Migration


Local residents in Germany and Italy have taken to burning migrant resettlement centres in their communities to stall the arrival of hundreds of newcomers.

A converted country inn, its beer serving days now over, was burnt down in Reichertshofen, Germany last night after locals discovered it was being prepared to become refugee accommodation. It is just the most recent attack in recent days, as Der Spiegel reports there have been burnings in Ash, Meissen, Tröglitz, Vorra, Böhlen, and Limburgerhof.

The mayor has condemned the attack, and authorities remain puzzled over why a rural community of 830 Germans would object to their village being used to accommodate 130 asylum seekers.

Local protests, poster campaigns and a petition have called for the village to receive 30 to 40 asylum seekers instead, a number the community have claimed would be more appropriate and easier to manage. Authorities paid no heed – and now the building they were converting for the use has been destroyed.

The heavy-handed methods used by the German authorities to house refugees may be contributing to the problem of unrest and civil disobedience by natural Germans. Breitbart London reported on a zero-notice purchase and conversion of a hotel to an asylum centre in one Saxon suburb. Nightly protests of up to 1,200 people started after bus-loads of migrants arrived without warning – the police have now established a legally mandated ghetto and ‘no go zone’ around the hotel. Placing the whole town under a state of emergency, police now have powers to remove people from the streets and even control who comes to the town altogether.

Elsewhere in Saxony, a group of 40 students in the middle of their university exams have been given eviction notices by the local government, as their halls of residence are being requisitioned for asylum accommodation this week. Local news reports the lack of communication from the authorities and the rushed nature of the move has “poisoned the social climate” and is stretching “good will”. In Germany, the number of migrants who arrived in the past seven months has already exceeded the total for 2014, making 2015 most likely the highest year of immigration since German reunification.

In Italy, the main point of entry for Mediterranean boat migrants to Europe, the government is being forced into similar behaviour to house the tens of thousands of new arrivals with native communities. Residents of two apartment buildings in northern Italian city of Treviso were furious to find more than 100 migrants had been moved into their buildings – and had been provided with all the mod cons free of charge by the local government, reports TheLocal.it.

Protesting the lavish treatment of the migrants at their expense, the owner-occupier residents removed furniture and flat screen televisions from the migrant flats and had a bonfire in the communal gardens. One resident remarked: “They have transformed our homes, which we paid for with our mortgages, into a refugee camp”.

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