EXCLUSIVE: Islamist Hamza Tzortzis’s Ashley Madison Full Account Details Revealed

Hamza Tzortzis
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Breitbart London can exclusively reveal that the Ashley Madinson account connected to the British Islamist preacher Hamza Tzortzis was validated by the adultery-enabling website, according to the raw data analysed by a senior data scientist. 

Tzortzis originally took to his Facebook account this weekend to claim that the account was fraudulent, and said that he had made a complaint to his bank and the police. The Facebook post has now been removed.

Breitbart London approached data experts who have been studying the Ashley Madison database to ask questions about Mr Tzortzis’s story, which some of his Facebook fans said stretched credulity due to the detailed nature of his account.

Now we can exclusively reveal that Mr Tzortzis’s account, which listed him as an “Attached Male Seeking Female” including sexual preferences involving “Cuddling”, “Receiving Oral Sex” and “Sensual Massage.”

The account was created on 22 October 2014, directly after Mr Tzortzis’s Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca, as he stated in his Facebook post. This coincided precisely with a speaking tour of Australia that Mr Tzortzis was involved with, as advertised by his website. On 22 October, he was due to speak to the Muslim Student Association of New South Wales at the University of Western Sydney. The IP address of the user that signed up for Ashley Madison came from Sydney:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 13.16.42

The IP address that the Ashley Madison account was created from emanated from Sydney, where Mr Tzortzis was giving a speech

But the claim that Mr Tzortzis never knew about the account has been called into question by the fact that his own, working e-mail address listed on numerous slideshows and presentations by Mr Tzortzis was the one used to sign up to the service. The counterclaim from Mr Tzortzis is that “It could have been someone who knows me, someone who hates me, or a malicious person who found out who I was.” Which is certainly possible, and there are millions of e-mail addresses used to sign up to the service that are real and functioning, that were not those of Ashley Madison users. It is worth noting that the account was registered as an “attached male seeking a female”. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 13.27.00

Tzortzis’s lecture took place on the same date as his Ashley Madison registration, in Australia

But as one commenter wrote in response, “So Hamza, you are claiming that some guy knew all of your private information and wanted to screw with you so he created a fake account on Ashley Madison. This guy then paid hundreds of dollars to maintain the account for 9 months. This account was then used to make transactions at locations where you were also present at the time. Then the ultimate plan was to hack the Ashley Madison database and release 40 million users so you could be exposed. Am I getting this right?”

The postcodes used on the account also link to one address in North London, and one address in Luton. Mr Tzortzis and his family members are registered on the Electoral Roll at the North London address, and his business, Tzortzis Consulting Ltd, is registered at the Luton address, while the company lists Mr Andreas Tzortzis, his name before he converted to Islam, as the company’s director.

Tzortzis's pre-conversion to Islam name is listed on the Company which has an address linked to the Ashley Madison account

Tzortzis’s pre-conversion to Islam name is listed on the Company which has an address linked to the Ashley Madison account

Again, this is publicly available information, and it is certainly a possibility that someone conducted a lot of research into Mr Tzortzis, even following him to his precise location in Sydney, Australia to set up the account. But that would also rely on the notion that whomever Mr Tzortzis believes did this also knew that the entire Ashley Madison database would be released, just to get at him.

It is also worth noting that Mr Tzortzis’s date of birth, 21 September 1980, was also linked to the Ashley Madison account, again linked to his company registration information.

His profile carried the nickname “AndrewT14” – presumably a reference to his Greek name Andreas, combined with the first letter of his surname, and the year (2014). It was captioned: “Compassionate male seeks friendship”.

If a “malicious person”, as Mr Tzortzis claims, set up the account, then presumably they wouldn’t have stopped at “friendship” if they were trying to implicate him in nefarious or adulterous behaviour. 

Furthermore, AndrewT14’s profile carries the abstract: “I long for a sincere friendship with the ability to connect physically and mentally. I would consider myself compassionate, and someone who thinks a lot.” 

This is similar language to that which Mr Tzortzis uses on his own biography, which reads: “Compassionately articulating a positive cogent case for Islamic thought and philosophy”, and there are three pages of search results from his website which use the word “compassion”.

Tzortzis has claimed that he didn’t notice the transactions coming from his bank account, including a start-up fee of £54 and a monthly fee of £15 a month, totalling £174 over the course of eight months’ membership. This is despite the fact that his e-mail address, which is linked to the bank card used, was signed up for offers and updates.

Jeremy Bullock, a data specialist explained to Breitbart London that “the member_email table of the database has a set of properties noted against it by the Ashley Madison developers.” These properties identified whether the email address was valid (it was) and whether the user had opted in for e-mails. Tzortzis’s account was opted in. It is unclear whether this was a default option, or manual choice by whomever started the account.

Bullock explained: “Of the 36 million [email] addresses [leaked], 12 million have the email “isvalid” flag set to 0 (invalid) and 24m set to 1 (valid).” This highlighted how Ashley Madison didn’t send out verification e-mails upon sign-up, but how they checked to see if e-mail addresses were working. The fact that Mr Tzortzis’s e-mail was signed up to receive promotional e-mails also raises questions over his claim that he did not notice communications from Ashley Madison over the eight months.

The account lists the user’s sexual preferences as: Conventional Sex, Cuddling & Hugging, Extended Foreplay/Teasing, Gentleness, Kissing, Likes to Receive Oral Sex and Sensual Massage. Again, the argument could be made that if someone was trying to frame Mr Tzortzis, they may have chosen things slightly more embarrassing.

Breitbart London has reached out to Mr Tzortzis for comment, but at the time of writing there has been no reply.


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