Girls Banned From Sport At Islamist Infiltrated School, Teachers ‘Uncomfortable’ At Sight Of Jiggling Breasts

islamist infiltrated school

One of the infamous ‘Trojan Horse Schools’ taken into special measures because of Islamist infiltration is said to have banned girls from mixed sports because of the discomfort it caused male teachers.

Park View Academy, which was taken into special measures last year after it was found to have been the subject of an Islamist take-over plot is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the government.

Speaking at a hearing yesterday, school press officer Susan Packer told how she was shut down by other members of staff when she complained of sexist treatment of pupils, reports the Birmingham Mail.

She said former principal Monzoor Hussain had justified a policy of preventing girls from getting involved with mixed sports lessons because it made male staff feel uncomfortable to see the girls play. She claims he told her male teachers “did not want girls to be seen with their bits jumping up and down”.

Her question was in response to a group of girls being withdrawn from a mixed tennis lesson. She initially pursued her enquiry with executive head teacher Lindsey Clark, but was told the board of governors had already ruled on mixed sports.

This follows a pattern established at other so-called Trojan Horse schools, where radical Islamists took control of the board of governors and gave a leg up to like-minded teachers and staff while marginalising others. The government contends those under investigation from Park View and the trust which controlled it were exerting an “undue amount of religious influence” on the school.

These accusations are just the latest shocking developments coming out of the hearings gathering evidence about Park View.

Breitbart London reported in July that it was business as usual at the school, as despite it being taken into special measures a number of Islamist plotters who had been involved in the take-over attempt had been allowed to return to work.

Last week it was reported that teachers and students alike used the words “Jew” and “Kuffar” — an Arabic term meaning unbeliever — were bandied about the school as insults directed as non Muslims working and studying there.

The witness, a sex education teacher who has been granted anonymity by hearing panel said: “when I heard this term used I felt very uncomfortable because it is not appropriate language to be used anywhere, but especially in a school”.

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