Member Of University Islamic Society Allegedly Issues Death Threat To Ex-Muslim Speaker

Mariam Namazie Ex-muslims

The Islamic Society at a London university has been accused of coordinating a campaign of intimidation against the presence of an ex-Muslim activist. Islamists last night physically intervened to disrupt her talk and one allegedly issued a death threat because the Atheist campaigner had violated their “strict” safe space policy.

Mariam Namazie (pictured above) is the founder and leader of the Council of Ex-Muslims, who started the successful #ExMuslimBecause hashtag that trended worldwide last week and was subsequently attacked by the BBC. Students at the university of Warwick attempted to “no platform” her in September in case she “insulted” religion.

She gave a talk yesterday called “Apostasy and Free Speech in the Age of ISIS” at Goldsmiths University, the previous stomping ground of #KillAllWhiteMen ‘Welfare and Diversity’ officer Bahar Mustafa, who quit her job two weeks ago to protect her “mental health” after being accused of bullying once again.

The Islamic Society at Goldsmiths has previous hosted Abdur Raheem Green, who said that “Islam teaches its followers to seek death on the battlefield”; Moazzam Begg of CAGE, which described Jihadi John as a “beautiful young man”; and Hamza Tortzis, who has linked being gay with “cannibalism”.

The society has two Facebook pages, one for “brother” and a secret one for “sisters”. They wrote on the “brothers” page before Mrs. Namazie’s talk (in a post which has now been deleted) that they felt “extremely uncomfortable” that she was speaking, because she is “Islamophobic, and very controversial”.

They claimed her presence would, “be a violation to our safe space, a policy which Goldsmiths SU adheres to strictly” and said they would enter into discussions with the Student Union to have her banned.

“The Islamists hide behind ‘safe space’ but the role of the brothers was to intimidate. Not. Going. To. Happen”, tweeted a defiant Mrs. Namazie.

Adding: “Sorry [Goldsmith Islamic Society] for violating your ‘safe space’ by asking not to be killed for apostasy. See you tonight”, and, “Maybe we can bring crayons for [Goldsmith’s Islamic Society’s] ‘safe space’ whilst we speak of serious business of apostasy and blasphemy.”

“[The Islamic Society] pretends they need a ‘safe spaces’. That’s the way they want to normalise Islamism without question”, she explained.

The society’s social media post ensured a large number of Islamists arrived to disrupt the talk and ultimately attempt to silence the speaker. Mrs. Namazie described the scene is a blog post, which began with verbal heckling and intimidation:

“After my talk began, ISOC ‘brothers’ started coming into the room, repeatedly banging the door, falling on the floor, heckling me, playing on their phones, shouting out, and creating a climate of intimidation in order to try and prevent me from speaking.”

Next, the Islamists attempted to physically disrupt the talk:

“I continued speaking as loudly as I could. They repeatedly walked back and forth in front of me. In the midst of my talk, one of the ISOC Islamists switched off my PowerPoint and left. The University security had to intervene and remain in the room as I continued my talk.”

“Eventually the thug who had switched off my PowerPoint returned and continued his harassments. At this point, I stood my ground, screamed loudly and continued insisting that he be removed even when the security said he should stay because he was a student. When he was finally escorted out of the meeting, discussions on many issues from apostasy, the veil to Islamism and Sharia laws continued…”

Mrs. Namazie’s associate and fellow ex-Muslim Reza Moradi also alleges that one of the Islamic Society activists issued a death threat.


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