Europe Is a ‘Battlefield’ Due To Migrants, Says Hungarian PM – ‘Tens Of Millions More To Come’

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has lashed out at European Union (EU) leaders who continue to reject his plans to keep migrants out of the EU. He has described the response “weak, unsure and powerless” and claimed that his country, Hungary, is now becoming a “battlefield” because of the ongoing situation.

Mr. Orban told delegates at the ruling party Fidesz’ congress on Sunday – where he was unanimously re-elected as the party’s leaders – that the “continent looks like a battlefield and the worse is yet to come.

“How many more will hit the road, heading for Europe?” He quizzed, before suggesting: “I believe it’s millions, or tens of millions.”

Over one million people have arrived in Europe this year, according to Germany’s asylum figures. The numbers, however, portrayed by mainstream news outlets are consistently an understatement.

A European security source told Breitbart London that while news agencies claim “hundreds of thousands” have arrived in Europe, the number was more like 1.3 million to October alone, adding: 

“The number who crossed without being detected or registering somewhere is also an unknown, and those that didn’t register were either stupid or would have been deliberately staying below the radar, as life for any of them is a great deal easier if they do register. What I’m saying is the number is inevitably slightly higher [than the 1.3m estimate]” because it “does NOT include the unknown number who entered legally and overstayed”.

Hungary erected a fence at its border with Serbia, and since September has effectively shut its doors to new arrivals.

On Sunday, 1,174 out of 1,177 party Fidesz party delegates voted Mr. Orban in as president again.

He responded by stating he was ready to lead his party in 2018’s national elections, aiming to become prime minister for a third consecutive term.

Mr. Orban swept to power in 2010 and was reelected in 2014, and has seen his approval ratings boosted by his hardline anti-immigration policies, including the construction of a steel fence along Hungary’s southern borders to keep out hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing war and poverty.

He has also put Hungary’s economy back on a solid financial footing, though his government has come under fire from the European Union due to his conservatism – an anachronism as far as Eurocrats are concerned. Some EU proponents have even spent large amounts of tax payer money to try and oust Mr. Orban. 

“I would like to make it clear to you that in two years’ time, if the trust is there, I am ready to lead you in the election fight and … if we win, to continue my work at the head of the government,” Orban told his party as they cheered “Viktor! Viktor!”

A recent poll showed Fidesz had 51 percent support among decided voters, compared with 21 percent for the second strongest party, the far-right Jobbik. The leftist opposition in Hungary is weak and fragmented.

And Mr. Orban reiterated his long-standing claim that European is being “invaded” by migrants, insisting: “We will protect our borders [and] Hungarian people from criminals, terrorists [and] illegal immigrants”.

He added the real problem with Europe was that it no longer believed in Christianity, common sense and national pride.

“[Europe and] its people today believe in superficial and secondary things: in human rights, progress, openness, new kinds of families, tolerance,” Orban said. “These are nice and sweet things, but essentially, they are secondary.”

With additional reporting by Reuters and the Associated Press


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