UK Asylum Seekers DEMAND ‘VIP’ Treatment, Complain About Tax Payer Funded Meals


Taxpayer-funded three-star hotel accommodation provided for asylum seekers has been labelled discriminatory because paying guests receive better food than migrants who demand their “VIP status” be recognised.

Private contractor Clearsprings is housing 129 refugees at the Mediterranean-themed Europa Gatwick Hotel where migrants have their own rooms, with en-suite bathrooms, plus a television and tea and coffee-making facilities.

Yet, according to the Mail on Sunday, one of them was indignant about the conditions and demanded that they should be treated like VIPs.

The man, who has previously worked at hotels in Dubai, said: “We should be considered VIPs because we are long-staying guests. We are making money for this hotel.”

He was heard complaining to a waiter: “Why the food is not the same quality, my brother? Why [other] people, they have salad and we don’t have salad? Why they have desserts and we don’t have desserts?”

The 216-bed hotel, owned by the Britannia chain – whose profits jumped five-fold to £14 million last year – hosts weddings and boasts of having “beautifully landscaped gardens” and “first-class facilities”, according to the newspaper.

Prices range from £35 for a single room to £71 for a family-sized room, with the cost met by Clearsprings Ready Homes Ltd, a firm contracted by the Home Office.

A Libyan asylum seeker also complained about their treatment and the quality of the accommodation detailed above, citing the fact they were served different food to paying guests.

This is not the first time migrants have expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived quality of their accommodation in the UK.

Breitbart London reported last month on a migrant staying at Lynx House in Wales who complained live on Sky News that the free food he gets is the same twice a day. He also claimed that the accommodation he is given, again at a cost to the British taxpayer, is too small and too dirty.

In the rest of Europe similar stories have been aired including one group of newly arrived migrants in the Netherlands who declared their accommodation so poor they wanted to go back to Syria.

It’s not just the hotels that present a problem. Breitbart London has reported on the changes the cold weather in Europe is having on its new migrant population and their satisfaction with their new home.

One migrant interviewed last November lamented he was unable to turn back and go home, and complained about the Europeans he had met. He said: “Here it is so cold and nobody cares about us. Now we want to go, to move, there is no way back. We have already crossed seven or eight borders”.

Another migrant thought Europe already had welcomed too many migrants. He said: “the weather is so cold, and the people are too much. Too much people coming to this area”

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