Migrant-On-Migrant Crime: Man Dead After Stabbing In Munich Asylum Centre

Angela Merkel

A man in a migrant centre has been stabbed to death by a fellow migrant following an argument between the pair. In the early hours of Sunday morning in an asylum centre in the town of Dorfen, northeast of Munich, two men engaged in an argument that turned deadly, reports N-TV.de.

A 20-year-old Senegalese man was reportedly murdered by a 38-year-old Somalian. Both men are thought to have come into the country illegally seeking refugee status.

Staff in the asylum home called police and emergency services around 12:35am while the Somalian walked around still clutching what has been reported as a “folding knife” he used to end the 20-year-old’s life. Police were able to arrest the perpetrator without incident or resistance but have not released any information to the public or press as to the motive behind the stabbing, or what the argument was about.

The victim was found by emergency units soon after the incident laying lifeless. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him but due to his injuries and blood-loss the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The arrested Somalian will likely face charges for murder and is set to appear in front of a court today.

Mayor of Dorfen Heinz Grundner said the event was “dramatic and shocking news” and that while he understands there may be tensions between different cultures and ethnicities at asylum homes, it is “terrible when a dispute ends like this.” He also said that it is not possible for volunteers to be active in the asylum homes 24 hours a day and watch for violent or confrontational behaviour and that even with the most committed volunteers, violence could never entirely disappear.

The attack was not the only one that night. In the town of Prien am Chiemsee, a different argument between migrants led to an almost identical result. A 31-year-old attempted to murder a 21-year-old man by bludgeoning him to death with a large rock. Migrants in the centre were able to break the two apart until police arrived. The victim in this case received trauma to the head and lacerations. The attacker is in police custody. Police have so far refused to identify the men other than their ages.

Physical or sexual violence in migrant camps and asylum homes is not a rare event. Murder, while less common, is still continuing to happen. The murder of asylum worker Alexandra Mezher in Sweden was the most high profile case but as Breitbart has reported migrants have been responsible for multiple murders which have occurred in asylum homes or out of them such as the cases of the 15-year-old Swedish boy who was defending a girl from migrant sexual attacks, or the American girl in Vienna who was murdered by a Gambian migrant after she tried to help him avoid deportation.

Meanwhile, pro migrant campaigners have been caught faking the deaths of a migrant and saying they died because of a lack of state services in order to increase the ever declining sympathy people have for the giant influx of illegal migrants welcomed into Germany and Europe by Angela Merkel.


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