Segregated Swimming, Plainclothes Guards In Migrant Child Rape Pool

Migrant Child Rape

A water park where two Afghan asylum seekers were arrested at the weekend on suspicion of having raped two girls aged 14 and 18 is to introduce segregated bathing in a bid to prevent a repeat.

The two Afghan migrants, aged 14 and 34 are accused of loitering at the bottom of a water slide at the park in Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein and of taking advantage of the girls as they emerged at the bottom. The nature of the attack was so heinous the German authorities have classified it as rape, rather than the more usual sexual assault.

Now the water park complex is to take action to improve the safety of bathers, by segregating swimming and introducing plainclothes security guards into the pool, who will swim among the customers and keep an eye out for trouble. More security cameras have been installed and signs warn patrons that touching is forbidden.

Children and women will be given specially allocated times at the pool and on the slides, during which men and teenage boys are banned, reports Kronen Zeitung.

As reported by Breitbart London earlier this week, this is the second migrant attack at the pool in two years, following an incident where a group of “southern” appearance men molested a group of teenage girls, touching their breasts and between their legs.

The manager of the pool said at the time that the facility was “doing everything possible to prevent such incidents in the future”.

While migrants have been the main culprits of sex assaults in German and Austrian swimming baths this year, banning them outright from facilities has proven difficult, as condemnation from pro-migrant groups and action by human rights lawyers has inevitably followed previous attempts. One such migrant ban lasted just three days before it was repealed, such was the strength of objection by campaigners which was described by a local paper as a “shitstorm” of criticism.

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