Women Only Carriages: Segregation Will Not Lead To Integration

Women Only Carriages

In response to the attacks on women in Germany a train company has decided to declare some carriages ‘women only’.

I take issue with this on a number of levels. I’m sure the left wing feministas will struggle with the concept of segregation but they’ll also be reticent in their response, if they respond at all. It takes those on the centre right to take up women’s rights and preserve our hard won freedoms.

Firstly, as a woman I really object to being segregated in any circumstance, least of all on a train.

As a wife, a mother of two boys and a female politician, I’m dismayed that the wrong message is being sent to the males in my life. Just because a small minority of men from a very different culture and religion are abusing Western hospitality, culture and norms, my men feel very strongly that their way of life and liberty is being threatened.

How long will it be until they are told they cannot travel on women only trains in the UK? Or that the taxi they hail can only be used by women? They will feel stigmatised because of the actions of a small number of men who are nothing like them.

This is not the world that our suffragette great grandmothers fought for. This is not the world that my father fought for on the Russian convoys in World War Two.

In Britain we already have Muslim segregation in our mosques, religious schools, universities and British born women are housebound, prevented from working and learning English.

I have met women who arrived here 40 years ago who had to learn English and did assimilate. Those same women have now forgotten how to speak English because they don’t have to. They shop in their own Muslim owned shops; their men drive them where they need to go; their children attend madrassas or single sex schools (all set up to accommodate their ‘needs’) and they still practice arranged marriages.

They no longer mix with the English they met a couple of decades ago. That is a tragedy for both communities and breeds hostility and fear.

Their daughters, who have been educated in the UK, achieved at universities to become teachers and doctors have imported their husbands from Pakistan. Why, I asked them, have you married an uneducated man, brought over here to drive a taxi, rather than marry an educated Muslim born here? They shift uncomfortably and mutter ‘we couldn’t find anyone suitable’. I challenged this assumption.

If you go to West Yorkshire you will find rows and rows of houses where English isn’t spoken because they cannot speak English. Equally, their children are now marrying men and women from Pakistan who cannot speak English and are culturally and educationally beneath them.

How is this new generation of young men, or the mothers, going to be able to recognise radicalisation if they cannot speak English?

We haven’t sleep walked into this. It was a deliberate policy of the Blair/Brown years, of multiculturalism and the seeping threat of racist outpourings via the human rights industry (Mrs Blair and her ilk). And all this aided and abetted by Labour who deliberately infiltrated our teaching profession, colleges, universities, public services, police, BBC and legal service with left-leaning bigots.

They have created a topsy-turvy world where Christians are marginalised, LGBT and transgender is the new norm and anyone who disagrees with them from either a common sense secular or a non-secular position is branded a nasty racist nutter. Their rights, views and religious beliefs are secondary to the Muslim needs.

And I speak as someone who has no faith, but I absolutely uphold the right of those that do to have their views and speak up for them. They have thousands of years of doctrine, not the leftish claptrap multiculturism nonsense that is the current vogue.

The Germans, instead of segregating women, should have rounded up the potential attackers, placed them in secure units, ascertained their views on Western norms and, if they do not like how Western women dress, drink, have sex, work, are educated and how they think, then they should be deported.

I shall be raising this in the European Parliament. It will not be placed on the formal agenda – just like the sex attacks in Cologne and other European capitals – as the left and Shultz like to debate the plight of refugee women and children, over the rights of their own citizens.

Funnily enough, Mrs Merkel is thinking what some of us have been thinking, and is now spinning a u-turn and demanding integration or deportation. Yet Mrs Merkel will not get integration with segregation.

Janice Atkinson is a UKIP Member for the European Parliament


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