Muslim Youth Leader Pulls Out Of Tommy Robinson Debate Just Hours After Accepting Challenge

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The leader of a small Muslim youth group in the north of England has reportedly pulled out of a debate with PEGIDA UK leader Tommy Robinson, just hours after meeting him and arranging the head-to-head.

“Tommy Robinson, I’m ready for you,” Muhbeen Hussain, the founder and chair of British Muslim Youth (BMY) told Breitbart London yesterday.

But according to text messages between the two shared by Mr. Robinson, Mr. Hussain had already pulled out of the debate as early as 11pm last night. Mr. Hussain confirmed this via his own Twitter feed a short while later.

Reporting the “bottle job” (loss of one’s nerves), Mr. Robinson tweeted:

Mr. Hussain confirmed that he was no longer willing to debate with Mr. Robinson after the pair met during a silent, peaceful PEGIDA UK walk in Rotherham yesterday.

He claimed to have “guaranteed [Mr. Robinson’s] protection” yesterday in Rotherham – bizarre claim that effectively alleges that local Muslims would have become violent in the face of Mr. Robinson drinking a coffee had it not been for Mr. Hussain.

He says he originally accepted the debate because he believes “in the values of freedom and debate”, but then goes on to state: “this was before Tommy Robinson pulled the antics and disgracefully said he would rip the Holy Quran apart! THUS THERE WILL BE NO DEBATING.”

Breitbart London understands that Mr. Robinson had used to the term “rip the Quran to shreds” as a figurative, not literal dissection of the Muslim holy book. But Mr. Hussain – presumed to be looking for a way out of the debate – had willfully misinterpreted his comments, betraying his own so-called belief in freedom and debate.

Mr. Robinson sent a text message to Mr. Hussain a picture of a chicken, which Twitter users were only happy to join in with:

The British Muslim Youth group has previously called for a boycott of UK police, while subsequently asking for them to ban PEGIDA from Rotherham – the site of the mass rape and grooming of young, white girls at the hands of Pakistani, Muslim men.


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