SNEERING: London’s Pro-Hillary Ex-Pats Mock America During ‘Stop Trump’ Rally – ‘They Don’t Know How To Get Passports!’

Breitbart London

Pro-Hillary Clinton, U.S. citizens living in London ridiculed middle America during a ‘Stop Trump’ rally on Wednesday, stating that Americans are “too anti-government”, less educated, and “don’t know how to get passports”.

Speaking to Breitbart London, American expatriate Portia, who left Pennsylvania 20 years ago and whose son is a volunteer teacher at the Calais ‘Jungle’ migrant camp, said that “even Republicans should vote for Hillary. Even if they hate her.I’m afraid that Trump really has a chance.”

When asked why she thought there was so much hatred for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she stated: “They really hate her because she is such a big part of the government – she represents the government, and there is a very anti-government feel in America right now.”

Portia added that Britain and America were to “blame” for the ongoing migrant crisis and the migrants attempting to illegally smuggle themselves from Calais to the UK, saying: “All parties are guilty for what happened in the Middle East and Africa. None of us are blameless. We [the United States and Britain] are making terrorists.”

Breitbart London also spoke Ulrike, a Swedish expat who joined several other British and European anti-Trump campaigners on the bus tour, organised by Avaaz, around Britain’s capital.

Describing herself as “for love, inclusion, and society”, the Swede, who has been living in London for nearly 20 years after coming to England as part of her university exchange programme, felt compelled to campaign for expatriate Americans to register to vote “after what happened during Brexit”.

“Our future has been decided by laziness and ignorance”, she said of the UK-EU referendum result – another democratic process she was ineligible to engage in. “This is exactly where the U.S. is going. Trump is fueling people’s fear and they are voting for separatism,” she added.

“We [campaigners against Trump] should be on the streets in [traditional swing states] Florida and Ohio, knocking on doors, but we can’t so we’re here.”

Ulrike then remarked that swing-state voters such as those in Ohio tend not to live abroad as “they don’t know how to get passports”.

Lisa Stokke Jolly, an American singer and actress whose mother originally hailed from Mystic, Iowa, lived in Norway for 30 years before moving to London two years ago. She believes that American expatriates are “the extra state” which could make a difference to the election result in November.

“There’s eight million expats living abroad. Only 12 per cent of them vote and if we get that number up it can absolutely be the decider in the election.

“If you really care about the rights of your fellow man you really have to pull it out of the bag and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

When asked whether she thought Americans living abroad would be more likely to vote for Hillary, the artist replied: “Yes I do. From what I know of Americans living abroad and of the ones I know they are quite liberal. That’s why they’re here [in the UK] often.

“They are higher educated, they probably don’t watch Fox News as those living in the Mid West perhaps.

“Because they live abroad, they have a different sense of the world. I know that myself growing up in Norway and then moving here. Particularly when you live in a capital such as London.”

Reflecting that her ‘hometown’ in Iowa is mostly populated by white people, she noted, do not have quite the same “sense of the world” that she and her friends do.

“I don’t mean that in an elitist way. What you can’t see, you can’t be.”

“This is why [some] people in provincial places”, she says, “‘educate themselves’. They say ‘this can’t be it’ and they get up and move to New York city, they move to Los Angeles, they move to Chicago and they seek those things which is what makes them ‘different’” to the average Americans.

“But most of them don’t. Most of them remain in this mindset.”

“It’s not a criticism – it’s an observation,” she claimed.

Remarking that many on the ‘Stop Trump’ bus tour were also involved in the pro-EU ‘March for Europe‘, Lisa, who claims to know and “flown with” the Norwegian Prime Minister, saw an analogy between the rising populism of Trump and the Brexit vote, saying of the Vote to leave the European Union, the largest democratic mandate in British history: ““I thought Britain was better than that.”

Campaign organisers were keen to steer clear of endorsing Hillary Clinton so as not to fall foul of U.S. charity law, however activists on the official Stop Trump campaign bus repeatedly made calls for people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Liam Deacon, Rachel Megawhat, and Raheem Kassam contributed to this report



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