Victoria Friedman

Victoria Friedman

Former Labour MP: Vote Boris to Stop ‘Unfit’ Corbyn from Becoming Prime Minister

Former Labour MP Ian Austin has told “decent, patriotic” Labour supporters to vote for the Conservative Boris Johnson to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming prime minister. He called the socialist unpatriotic and “unfit” to lead the country and condemned him for allowing antisemitism to take hold in the party.

BATTERSEA, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 31: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gestures as he gives his election campaign speech on October 31, 2019 in Battersea, England. Jeremy Corbyn launched the Labour Party's General Election campaign in Battersea this morning vowing to transform the UK and promising to rebuild public services. He hit …

Douglas Murray Calls Out BBC for ‘Offence Archaeology’ Ambush

Douglas Murray has criticised the BBC for inviting him onto a programme to discuss woke culture, only for the presenter to ambush him with offence archaeology in order to derail Mr Murray’s argument and effectively ‘cancel’ him live on air.

Climate activists protest at the BBC offices during the fifth day of demonstrations by the climate change action group Extinction Rebellion, in London, on October 11, 2019. - London police have reported making more than 1,000 arrests over four days of protests by the group Extinction Rebellion, which have been …

Brexit Party: Labour ‘Worried’ About Farage Takeover of Heartlands

Sources within the Brexit Party have said that the Labour establishment’s mood in their Leave-backing constituencies is “absolutely febrile” due to fears Nigel Farage will wipe them out in the December 12th General Election. A Brexit Party spokesman told The Telegraph

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 23: Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn listens to speakers at the ACC Liverpool during the first day of the annual Labour Party conference on September 23, 2018 in Liverpool, England. Labour's official slogan for the conference is "Rebuilding Britain, for the many, not the …