‘We Will Hang You’: Antifascists Attack Traditional Family Supporter

Le Manif Pour Tous/Twitter

Militant ‘anti-fascists’ launched a brutal attack on an advocate of traditional marriage, in front of his wife and young children as they headed towards a march in support of families.

Two videos show the unprovoked attack on the man as he and his family walked to join tens of thousands of protesters who marched through the streets of Paris urging the government to repeal laws allowing same-sex marriage.

Catching sight of the father’s flag in support of the Manif pour Tous (March for All) movement,“anti-fascists” can be see throwing themselves on him, one dragging him backward away from his family before pushing the man into a wall and holding him.

Several of the anti-fascists’ allies are then seen swarming around, whooping and taunting the target before one left-wing activist launched a kick from behind so hard the March for All supporter is sent spinning to the ground.

As the father gets up to rejoin his family, one of the left-wing extremists can be heard shouting “We will hang you b**tards”. As the assault plays out, the victim’s daughter can be seen clutching her mother for comfort and averting her eyes from the gang attacking her father.

Tens of thousands of people assembled in Paris on Sunday to support the pro-traditional marriage March for All’s demonstration at which crowds protested against the “offensive against the family”, and demanded the government repeal laws allowing same-sex marriage.

The demonstration, at which police estimated at least 24,000 French marched from the Paris Metro’s Dauphine station to the Trocadero site, passed off with few disturbances.

There were 13 arrests made at the procession in total, six of which were of members of the militant, anti-Christian feminist group Femen.

Bare-breasted activists from the foreign-funded organisation chanting slogans like “hate is not a family value” and attempted to disrupt the march but were taken away by officials. Other arrests were made related to people in possession of illegal drugs and weapons, the prefecture said.


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