‘Brexit Means Go Home’: How Britain’s ‘Hate Crime Surge’ is Actually Down to the Political Left


On Thursday night the London School of Economics will host an event featuring Professor Gurminder K. Bhambra: a post-colonialism obsessive who will insist that “Brexit means Brexit means ‘Go Home’”.

From the sound of her forthcoming report on the matter, Prof. Bhambra thinks “Brexit Means ‘Go Home'” because she says so. It is not a dissimilar from the contention of the shouty Polish woman on BBC Question Time who asserted that Brexit led to “discrimination” against her. When David Dimbleby asked her how she had been discriminated against, she replied, “I don’t feel welcome”.

And Prof. Bhambra appears to be taking that self-pity to an academic level in her paper which argues: “The referendum was less a debate on the pros and cons of membership than a proxy for discussions about race and migration”.

She’s not wrong to claim that Brexit happened, in massive part, due to migration. But the idea that it was a ballot box equivalent of the Battle of Cable Street is another sign of how the left scrambles to revise history, as they so crassly did following the death of Jo Cox MP, and indeed with the so-called “racist” attack on a Polish cultural centre – the origins of which are still unknown.

But never mind, just blame Brexit. And don’t worry because the BBC has got your back in promoting this garbage too.

The truth, for anyone who cares to try and find it, is that the “surge in hate crime” was perpetuated by Remain campaigners via a Facebook group called “Worrying Signs” which encouraged en masse reporting on “hate crimes” – many of which turned out to be nonsense. How do we know this?

Well, take this incident where a “hate crime” was reported which turned out to be a book delivery.

Or consider the fact that Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, whose national role it is to track hate crime all over Britain, admitted: “there have been no major spikes in tensions reported”.

Finally, consider the fact that prosecutions for “hate crimes” fell by almost 10 per cent in England and Wales last year despite a rise in the number of reported incidents.

It all speaks to the dirty truth: the hate crime narrative is being perpetuated by the Left. And in doing so, not only are they arming real racists – many in their own ranks, no doubt – and causing them to believe they are in a growing movement, but they are also wasting police time and resources that could be used solving murders, stopping rapes, and generally doing what police are supposed to do.

Prof. Bhambra’s event takes place at the London School of Economics on Thursday night. I hope some of you will be there to see if she takes note of any of the above.

Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London


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