EXCLUSIVE — Trump’s Potential Secretary of State says a UK-U.S. Trade Deal Should Be ‘High On Priority List’


U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a man some believe could be the next U.S. Secretary of State, has praised Britain for leaving the European Union and says a bilateral trade deal between the UK and U.S. should be a priority.

Speaking Thursday morning on Breitbart News Daily with Raheem Kassam the California Congressman said that trade needed to be viewed in a way that supports its allies and fights against the enemies of the United States.

The Congressman was asked a number of questions relating to his view on the UK leaving the European Union and said that a deal with trusted allies like Britain should be high on the priority list for the incoming Trump administration.

“Great Britain has always been significant to our own security and our own prosperity,” he said and added, “the fact that Great Britain is now charting a course that could put them back as partners of the United States rather than as part of a much larger entity.” He then went on to say that the United States must make arrangements with the UK and that should be “high on our priority list.”

Congressman Rohrabacher noted that the U.S. should move forward with bilateral agreements with the UK and Japan.

He then slammed the failed Trans-Pacific partnership, an agreement that President-elect Trump has already said he will scrap on his first day in office. Without the involvement of the United States, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said the deal would be meaningless.

“Let’s set ourselves in a good position with countries that are vital to our interests,” Rohrabacher said, “whether it’s Japan, whether it’s Great Britain, whether it’s Russia.”

When asked if he supported a trade deal with the UK, Congressman Rohrabacher he said that he was in favour of deals that helped Americans rather than “build a better world.” He went on to say a deal with the UK would be easy because “we are dealing with a democratic society that mirrors many of the same institutions that we have here, so we should be able to make a deal that benefits both of our people.”

Some pundits are looking to Rep. Rohrabacher and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton to team together at the State Department, which Rohrabacher said he would be pleased to work with the former diplomat to the UN.

The Congressman has already said in a previous interview on Breitbart News Daily that he would welcome the role if offered by the Trump administration saying he believed in Trump’s ideas and that he thought Trump was, “aimed at not some globalist theory of making the whole world better, but, instead, based on something that’s going to be good for the security of the people of the United States and what’s going to be good for the prosperity of the United States.”


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