Gary Lineker Jokes about Elderly, Dying Brexit Voters

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Former footballer Gary Lineker has angered Brexit voters after making a distasteful joke about elderly Leave supporters dying.

Speaking as he presented BBC One’s Have I Got News For You, the sports broadcaster left viewers furious at the joke.

Speaking on comments by the UK’s EU ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers that it may take up to ten years before Britain actually leaves the EU, Lineker said: “That’s not fair, most the people who voted for it will be dead by then.”

The joke led to loud laughter and applause from the studio audience, with team captain Ian Hislop commenting: “Young people applauding”.

Gary Lineker has become well known for his anti-Brexit, pro-migrant outbursts on Twitter.

After the referendum result, he Tweeted: “Feel ashamed of my generation. We’ve let down our children and their children.”

He also said that people who question the age of supposed child migrants were “hideously racist” and branded U.S. President-elect Donald Trump “a joke”.

Responding to his latest joke on Friday evening, one viewer said: “Think the show would have been better if they’d replaced Gary Lineker with a handbag.”

Another pointed out: “don’t forget gary lineker apologised on our behalf for brexit# ..expect a few more #brexit jokes.”

Another viewer accused the BBC of ruining their Friday night by “putting super-remoaners on all the time!” while a fourth commented: “Another set of lovies scratching their heads & wondering how the proletariate could be so stupid as to want to leave the great EU?”

Gary Lineker’s joke came as Breitbart London reported on how Remain supporters were laughing at dying Brexit voters.

News outlets such as the Independent’s i100 and ShortList leapt on figures produced by a pro-EU Twitter activist that suggest over 120,000 people who backed Brexit in the June referendum have now died.

ShortList referred to the statistics as “the lord’s work” and described the number of dead Leave voters as “one of the most fun aspects”.

“Imagine them, shuffling into the voting booth, coughing and wheezing, barely enough blood left in their brain to fuel their xenophobic thoughts, dragging their ailing, shaking hand over the slip, carving a feint ‘X’ into the box marked ‘Leave’, feeling like they’d finally got control back, then immediately dropping dead,” the site gleefully wrote.


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