Remainers Crowdfund Posters Linking Brexit to ‘Hate Crime’

stop the silence
Stop the Silence / Crowdfunder

Anti-Brexit posters claiming that Brexit is linked to “price hikes” and “hate crime” have sprung up around the country after a Remainer group raised tens of thousands of pounds.

Stop the Silence crowdfunded nearly £70,000 in just ten days from disaffected Remain voters, which they plan to use to actively campaign against so-called ‘hard’ Brexit.

Posters paid for by the group have already appeared on billboards all across the country, including in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Glasgow. Featuring four people with tape across their mouths, the text on the poster reads: “We did not vote for price hikes, hate crimes, brutal Brexit, deal or no deal. The people are speaking. Is parliament listening?”

Further planned posters list “losing our families”; “leaving the single market”; “losing funding”; and “losing our rights” among the group’s objections to Brexit.

The group also plans to use part of the funds on a bus to be driven around Westminster, in an attempt to influence politicians ahead of further votes on amendments to government legislation granting Prime Minister Theresa May, the right to invoke Article 50, triggering the Brexit process.

Stop the Silence says it hopes the parliamentarians in the Commons and Lords “see [the bus] right up to the final vote”.

Spurred on by the success of their first crowd-funding campaign, the group has now launched a second, raising more than £7,000 of a £35,000 target.

In a statement on their website, the group commented: “We’ve had such an amazing response to our original billboard crowd-funder, with lots of people now asking how they can donate, that we’ve decided to re-open it.

“Our original fund got a powerful message out to 10 million people across Britain, our video went viral – 170,000 views in the first three days after launch – and 500,000 have seen our message on Facebook.”

Giving their reasons for the campaign on the crowd-funder site, the group added: “We don’t believe the Government has a mandate for the hard Brexit outlined in its recent White Paper.

“We believe it is unacceptable that millions of UK and EU citizens face such uncertainty about their futures. No one voted for that!

“The current culture of intimidation and abuse, online and in the media, goes against this country’s traditions of fair and open debate. We need to stop the silence that surrounds hard Brexit.”

Following the Brexit referendum in June, the National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Hate Crime, Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton, was forced to issue a statement clarifying that Brexit had not led to a spike in hate crimes, despite the claims of leading Remainers and the mainstream media.

Similarly, claims that leaving the single market was not part of the Brexit deal offered to the British public have also been shown to be false.

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