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Simon Coveney

Ireland: Brexit Could Be Delayed Even Further

Britain could be trapped in the European Union (EU) for even longer than the four years and nine months since the vote to leave that has already been agreed, it has emerged Wednesday.

Merkel Flags Germany EU

German Government Holds Out Hope For ‘Soft Brexit’

BERLIN (AP) – Germany’s foreign minister says there may now be a chance of a “soft” British exit from the European Union that keeps the U.K. in the bloc’s single market, but is warning that Britain couldn’t pick and choose


IKEA To Move More Production To United Kingdom After Brexit

Anticipating post-Brexit changes in market conditions, Swedish furniture giant IKEA has revealed it is considering producing more of the products sold in Britain in Britain. Presently only a small fraction of IKEA products sold in the UK are made in Britain


Speaker Ryan Uses London Speech To Revive Dead TTIP Deal

Despite months of clear bilateral focus from the White House and the apparently death of the controversial Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan used a political speech in London to claim the deal was

bank of england

City of London Boss: Outlook For Finance Improved With Brexit

LONDON (AFP) – The outlook for London’s financial sector has improved since Brexit was triggered, insists the man charged with its policy, even as banks remain set to move some jobs abroad. Mark Boleat, who spoke on Thursday to AFP after British