Protester Strips Naked, Another Storms Stage At Le Pen Rally Ahead of French Elections


A rally being held by French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen faced a security risk on Monday evening after a protester attempted to storm the stage, eventually being dragged off by the Front National leader’s security detail.

Ms. Le Pen — who is expected to reach the second round of this month’s presidential election — was giving a speech to a massive crowd at a hall in the Parisian neighborhood of Aubervilliers when a female got onto the stage and attempted to throw flowers.

According to reports on Twitter, the suspect was successfully detained, while Ms. Le Pen blamed the “extreme left” for the incident and reemphasized that she is a defender of women.

A BBC Europe producer also claimed that another protester was removed from the audience, having stripped naked in an act of defiance.

Protests against Ms. Le Pen took place in the neighborhood of Aubervilliers, a suburb severely affected by mass immigration, as far-left activists through firebombs at police, who responded with bottles of tear gas.

Similar protests against Ms. Le Pen’s candidacy have taken place across France in recent months, as far-left and ‘anti-fascist’ groups organize to bring her down.

Polls ahead of this month’s election suggest that Ms. Le Pen, who is running on a candidacy of opposing mass immigration and the European Union and, will win the first round of voting, yet faces an uphill battle to win against globalist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the second round.

Some of her policies include a referendum on France’s membership of the European Union, taking tough stances on radical Islamism, as well as implementing a Trump-style “France First” form of economic nationalism.

However, polls in recent days suggest the race is tightening, with centre-right candidate François Fillon and the communist-backed left wing candidate Jéan-Luc Melechon seeing increased support.

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