‘English Multiculturalism Has Lost Its Head’: Charlie Hebdo Satirises Britain’s Response to Terror

Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo

French political magazine Charlie Hebdo has published a front-page cartoon of British Prime Minister Theresa May holding her own severed head and a number of other drawings satirising Britain’s response to terror in its latest edition.

The satirical magazine, which saw much of its editorial staff slaughtered by Islamist gunmen in a 2015 terror attack, has taken aim at Britain’s response to a spate of recent attacks, which have seen bomb and knife attacks successfully launched against civilians and police officers.

Apparently critiquing the failure of governments to take action against radical Islamists before it is too late, and aping Theresa May’s well-worn soundbite “Brexit means Brexit”, the front page cartoon of Thursday’s edition shows the PM holding her own severed head. Apparently speaking after a beheading attack — the likes of which were attempted by the Lee Rigby murder killers and during more recent attacks — the prime minister says “too much is too much!”

The prime minister also told journalists after Saturday’s London Bridge attack of terrorism that now “enough is enough” and that there is “far too much tolerance” of Islamism in the United Kingdom.

A social media post accompanying the new edition advertises the content, remarking: “This week, English multiculturalism no longer has the head on his shoulders.”

Other cartoons in this week’s edition of Charlie Hebdo include a rendition of Londoners fleeing from a terror attack — including the iconic image of a man escaping whilst carrying a pint of beer. Combining this imagery with get-fit trends, the caption reads simply: “Slimming tips from the Islamic State: run fast!”

The magazine also took aim at those who in the wake of the 2015 gun attack on Charlie Hebdo, apparently launched because the magazine had repeatedly published cartoons of Mohammed, said the staff may have brought the attack upon themselves by offending Muslims. A drawing of two apparently stereotypical Brits is captioned: “At least one never caricatured the Prophet.”

Facebook.com/Charlie Hebdo Officiel

Facebook.com/Charlie Hebdo Officiel

The new edition of Charlie Hebdo, which hits the shelves as Britain votes in the general election, follows a French election edition that poked fun at the age gap between newly elected President Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, who was a former teacher of his when he was at school.

Noting the messianic quality attached to young, ascendant left-wing politicians like Macron, the cartoon showed the 64-year-old woman pregnant with the caption “He’s going to work miracles!”

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