EXCLUSIVE — New UKIP Leader: Theresa the Appeaser Has ‘No Courage, No Confidence’

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TORQUAY, United Kingdom — New UKIP leader Henry Bolton has told Breitbart London that “Appeaser Theresa” May doesn’t have the courage or confidence to confront the European Union, and will fail to get Britain a good deal in Brexit negotiations.

Speaking shortly after his leader’s address at the second day of the UKIP conference in Torquay, South West England Bolton in which he said Theresa May’s transition period which would have the effect of keeping the United Kingdom in the European Union until 2021 was “unacceptable”, the former army officer told Breitbart London that the work to make Britain ready to leave the EU had to start immediately.

When asked whether Britain should immediately walk away from the bargaining table after three rounds of fruitless discussions in which the EU has demanded large sums of money from the United Kingdom and immediately revert to World Trade Union (WTO) rules, Bolton said because of the government’s failure to actually prepare the nation to strike out alone if necessary it was not ready.

Remarking that any threat by the UK to walk out of negotiations and go it alone would have to be backed up by the actual ability to do so, Bolton remarked “We need to prepare for that moment… ideally, if we can negotiate from a position of strength, then we need to give that a go.

“If we want a trade agreement, if we want a security treaty, we should draft it. Give it to Brussels, say we’ll be back in a week… if we can’t reach a mutual agreement based on this draft then I’m afraid it’s game over. But to be able to do that, we need to be able to actually leave.”

Whether this would actually be possible or not, Bolton was sceptical, remarking that Prime Minister May lacked “the knowledge to give her the confidence and courage to confront the EU”, and would fail to get a good deal for Britain, stating plainly of present talks: “The negotiating technique being used isn’t even a negotiating technique.”

Following the UKIP leadership race which was characterised by an intense interest in one of Bolton’s rivals — the anti Islamification campaigner Anne Marie Waters, Breitbart London also asked Bolton about his view on the increasingly violent struggle between Western civilisation and radical Islam.

Calling for a “robust response”, Bolton replied: “I’ve said frequently that we are, as far as I’m concerned, at war with anyone who seeks to by force overthrow, undermine state institutions, our way of life, our economy, our culture, and of course our autonomy. Of course, that is a hostile act.”

Touching on these themes, Bolton also addressed issues of culture during his Saturday afternoon speech. On the effects of immigration, he said: “multiculturalism is swamping or displacing our own British culture. This does not create the optimistic, confident nature we all wish to live in.

“We have net immigration levels which are equal to the population of Wolverhampton every year… harming our cultural traditions, and way of life. We must ensure that our concerns about British culture are heard, and that feeds into policy on immigration.”

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