EU Brexit Negotiators Turn to Jeremy Corbyn Over Theresa May Government Collapse Fears

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Even as the European Union attempts to enforce a ban to prevent the United Kingdom from opening channels with the rest of the world to discuss trade deals, the bloc is engaging in what have been described as “back-room talks” with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over the future shape of Brexit.

The revelation that the talks between Brussels and senior Labour figures have intensified of late comes as Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May appears precariously balanced at her post, following a week of leadership succession talks and a botched keynote speech at the party conference in Manchester.

EU negotiators are now seeking to gain assurances from the leaders of a potential future Labour government that any agreements reached during negotiations with the present government would be honoured, rather than immediately torn up. The Daily Telegraph reports that not only have these talks been intensified recently, but that there has been “a significant change in tone” since the general election.

The talks are to ensure the entire Brexit process wouldn’t have to be started again from scratch should the present Conservative administration unexpectedly collapse.

According to the report both Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer — the hard left politician who said Britain could stay in the Customs Union and Single Market effectively blocking Brexit — have met with senior EU officials to discuss Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn himself said in September that he was “ready to take over when this Government fails”, and that the Labour party would work to “negotiate a new relationship with Europe that works for all – to create a Europe for the many for the future”.

The news comes as a separate report of leaked approval ratings of May’s handling of Brexit have hit an all-time low.

Breitbart London has reported in the past week on the increasing pressure on the Prime Minister to resign, including the reported attempted putsch by former party Chairman and long-time remainer Grant Shapps and party donor Charlie Mullins.

Speaking of another apparently parallel plot to bring down the Prime Minister, this time led by pro-Brexit foreign secretary Boris Johnson Mullins said: “She is a broken woman. They are setting her up… Boris is not a fool. He knows what he is doing.

“Boris is knocking her at every opportunity he gets because he wants to be prime minister. Boris has been a big part of destroying this woman.”

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