Gunmen in Halloween Masks Open Fire at Rave in London, Injuring Two

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At least three gunmen, wearing clown and ghost masks, opened fire on revellers at the illegal Money Move rave in Leyton, London, on Saturday injuring a man and a woman.

The gunmen shot at partygoers at the rave at a London industrial estate leaving a 41-year-old man with a gunshot injury to his leg while a woman in her twenties was shot in the chest, reports The Sun.

The venue is reportedly used as an African church but is often hired out for raves.

Police were called to the industrial estate on Rigg Approach, Leyton, at 5:04 am on Saturday morning. They later confirmed that the young woman has not suffered life-threatening injuries, and the 41-year-old is in a stable condition.

One partygoer said: “There must have been at least four guns. It was terrifying. Everyone who had got out was just running… I turned and ran.”

Around 100 people were trapped as the gunmen blocked off the only road out of the area with a car, according to witnesses.

One of the gunmen was described as wearing a mask similar to the ghoul mask from 1996 slasher-movie Scream.

A business owner whose property was hit by a stray bullet said it looked like “a gangland execution gone wrong”.

Footage obtained by the Evening Standard shows party-goers screaming following the sound of gunfire. Video then showed the injured man lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound to his upper thigh being treated by a woman who used a belt as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding.

The man can be heard urging the woman to pull it “tight, tight”, with the woman comforting the man saying: “There’s no blood there … We’re good, man. Don’t worry.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “A crime scene was put in place and an investigation has been launched by Trident officers.

“There have been no arrests. Enquiries continue.”

In Austin, Texas, U.S., a man was arrested on Monday after shooting four people at a Halloween party whilst dressed as Santa Claus, killing one.

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