‘Europhobe F*ck… SLAP’: Pro-EU Paper ‘Glorifies Violence’ Against Brexit Voters


A newspaper dedicated to reversing the results of the Brexit referendum result has been slammed for publishing cartoons “glorifying violence” against those who voted to leave the European Union (EU).

The New European was set up after the nation voted to leave the EU and has previously been caught accidentally releasing plans to “stir up controversy” in towns that backed Brexit.

Now, they have published a cartoon strip depicting Brexit voters being punched and slapped by Remainers described as “fantastic”, and titled: “TALES of LOVE from the TRANSITION PERIOD.”

“PUT THAT ON THE SIDE OF A BUS F*CKWIT!” exclaims an angry looking woman knocking a pro-Brexit man to the ground in one, referring to the Vote Leave campaign promise to repatriate the £350 million spent each on EU membership.

“HOW’S THIS FOR ‘WILL OF THE PEOPLE’ YOU EUROPHOBIC F*CK’ she shouts in another, alongside the word “SLAP” and a depiction of a man being struck in the face.

Nigel Farage, a member of the European Parliament and former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), told Breitbart London:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, The New European stoops to new lows by glorifying violence against those who voted for Brexit.

“No longer can they claim to call Brexiteers ‘divisive’. If ever you needed an example as to why the Remain campaign lost, this is it.”

The depictions of violence against Brexit voters comes just weeks after one of the most powerful men in the British government, Theresa May’s second in charge Damien Green picked out Breitbart London as a supposed source of hatred in the UK media which he said could lead to the murder of a member of parliament. No mention was made of the New European, however.

In June of this year, the paper published a column claiming, “race related assaults spiked after Brexit” and arguing there is a “link between political messaging and vigilante violence” and that the UK is “building up to our own hate crime crisis” after the EU referendum.

Yet, the paper has previously depicted Brexit voters as evil clowns and in January, Cambridge professor Nicholas Boyle branded people who voted for Brexit as “lager louts” and “ruffians” in an article for the paper.

The newspaper’s official Twitter account posted the latest cartoons this Saturday, with the caption: “Pick up a copy of this week’s newspaper to read more about Stanley Donwood’s art – the man behind these fantastic anti-Brexit cartoons.”

The official Twitter account also responded approvingly to a user asking if he could get the images printed on a t-shirt.


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