WATCH: Islamists Hijack Swedish Radio to Broadcast Islamic State Propaganda

Islamists in Sweden hijacked radio station Mix Megapol Friday morning for around half an hour and played Islamic State propaganda music used to recruit for the terror group.

The incident occurred at around 8:30 am and likely shocked commuters who tune in to the station which plays mostly top 40 pop music.

The Islamist hijackers played the song “For the Sake of Allah” which is used as a recruitment tool for the Islamic State, for around half an hour before they were shut down, 24Malmö reports.

Mix Megapol network airs in 24 cities across Sweden and claims to reach 91 per cent of the country’s 10 million people.

Jakob Gravestam, the information manager at parent company Bauer Media, said: “It’s someone who has crossed our signal with pirate transmitters and disturbed it by sending out this song. We will report this to police and report it to the National Post and Telecom Agency.”

“Of course, it’s very serious, especially when you have recorded a song about recruitment to IS. We see it as very serious, and therefore we reported it to police,” he added.

One listener to the station who heard the pirate broadcast said: “I thought several times that they had got it wrong, but then the song was heard again.”

According to Gravestam, it could be “very difficult” for the station to prevent such pirate hijackings in the future. “If you have a pirate transmitter, you have the ability to enter and take over a frequency,” he said.

Sweden has become a hotbed for radical Islamic extremism in recent years with the Swedish security agency Säpo claiming that there are at least 2,000 violent Islamists in the country. The number has greatly increased since 2010 when the agency estimated there were 200 violent Islamists.

A number of Swedes have also travelled to the Middle East to actively fight for terror groups like Islamic State. One of the most notable is former “Islamophobia” expert Michael Skråmos who called on Islamic State supporters in Sweden to carry out domestic terror attacks.

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