CNN Pushes Hard Left, Soros-Funded ‘Hope Not Hate’ Alarmism After Trump UK Tweet

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The hard-left group Hope Not Hate (HNH) was invited to speak on CNN, and on the BBC four times in just one day, where their activist sensationally claimed President Donald J. Trump’s retweets could cause social unrest in the UK.

The U.S. president shared footage purporting to show Islamic extremist attacks to warn of the danger of radical Islam, but due to the highly controversial source of the tweets, they have been used by the left wing media to claim “far right” extremism is the real danger.

On Thursday, CNN presenter Christiane Amanpour suggested to HNH researcher Joe Mulhall on air that the president’s retweets could “rip the fabric of British society… dangerously apart.”

Responding, he claimed that Mr. Trump’s retweets “could not have come at a worse time” as views in the UK are polarising and “something like [the president’s retweets] is only going to serve to make things much, much worse”.

“We’re just going to have hope this doesn’t have repercussions in communities and out on the group here in the UK,” Mr. Mulhall added.

CNN continued their assault on the president the following day, giving a platform to MPs who want to ban him from having a state visit to the UK. Other MPs have called for the president to be arrested and investigated by the FBI.

HNH describe themselves as an “anti-racist” group, but grew out of the Communist-linked Searchlight magazine, and have used considerable resources to attack mainstream right-wing parties like UKIP over several years.

The organisation was described as “Orwellian bigots” by leading Muslim reformer Dr. Zuhdi Jasser after they labelled liberal Muslims “Islamophobic”, exposing them to jihadist reprisal. They were also revealed by the Economist as having grossly exaggerated statistics in a report to further their agenda.

One of their most senior activists has even described their work as intentionally “dirty, underhand[ed], low down, unscrupulous”.

Despite this, they threatened to sue former UKIP leader Nigel Farage when he linked their tactics with extremism. He later said they were not violent, but HNH were forced to pay his court fees and received no apology.


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