German Police Union Boss: Politicians Give Empty Words Against Antisemitic Incidents While Migrant Policies Make It Worse

Demonstrators wave Palestinian, Turkish and Syrian flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate, next to the US embassy in Berlin on December 8, 2017, following US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state. / AFP PHOTO / John MACDOUGALL (Photo credit should read …

German police union head Rainer Wendt blasted German politicians in the wake of anti-Semitic protests over the weekend, saying that despite their condemnations of their migrant policies have made the problem of anti-Semitism worse.

The German police chief scorned politicians who condemned the anti-Semitic protests that occurred in Berlin over the weekend and said their words were not enough, Die Welt reports.

“The pithy statements of the politicians against anti-Semitism do not help us,” Wendt said, adding that “the same politicians who continue this immigration and deportation drama by illegally allowing in more and more foreigners from the most anti-Semitic region of the world and not even deporting the offenders among them, then proclaim that they are doing everything against anti-Semitism.

“3,000 Salafists have turned 11,000, including many who once came to the country as asylum seekers,” he said.

Wendt called on German politicians to take action in the wake of the protests against the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem and declaring it the Israeli capital, which saw individuals burning Star of David flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Wendt argued that police should be allowed to clamp down on anti-Semitic protests while they are “in the planning stage” saying that if 1,000 or more protestors take to the streets then attempts to stop them will likely include violence.

The police union boss also had harsh words for the German left: “I am not surprised that counter-demonstrations against this immigrant anti-Semitism did not take place at the weekend. The German Left only demonstrates against German anti-Semites.”

The German federal government has sharply condemned the flag burning with German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally condemning the protests.

German Green party leader Cem Özdemir also warned asylum seekers not to participate in anti-Semitic demonstrations, saying that migrants need to realise that the right is Israel to exist is a fundamental raison d’être for the German state.

Germany has seen a distinct rise in anti-Semitic incidents, especially in Berlin where the phrase “You Jew!” has become a commonly used epithet on school playgrounds. One Jewish pupil was even forced to move to another school last year after a torrent of abuse from other mainly Muslim pupils.

Flag burning protests also occurred in Vancouver, Canada, where Canadian Jewish organisation B’nai Brith expressed outrage as pro-Israel counter-protesters had their Israeli flags stolen and destroyed.

Similar protests occurred in Sweden over the weekend, including one in Malmo in which demonstrators chanted, “We have announced the intifada from Malmö. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews.”

Also in Sweden, a Gothenburg synagogue was firebombed by a group of 20 masked individuals believed to be motivated by President Trump’s announcement.

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