Oops! Did Suzanne Evans Just Out Herself as Sky’s ‘Anonymous Source’ Trashing Farage?


Failed UK Independence Party leadership candidate Suzanne Evans has appeared on the BBC trashing former leader Nigel Farage’s legacy, perhaps revealing herself as Sky News’ “anonymous” source on a story published hours before.

On Sunday night the Sky News website published an un-bylined story with anonymous source quotes stating:

…one former UKIP leadership candidate, speaking anonymously to Sky News, said they did not expect Mr Bolton to survive the week in post.

They described the situation as a “disaster”, and suggested former leader Nigel Farage was to blame for backing individuals who did not threaten to take the media spotlight from him.

“We’ve had failed leader after failed leader,” the former candidate said. “You have to wonder whether it’s all been engineered by Nigel Farage.

“After all, he’s backed each and every one of them, plus two others – Raheem Kassam and Steven Woolfe – who both crashed and burned before the leadership ballots were sent out.”

Nigel Farage did not back Raheem Kassam (me) for the position of UKIP leader, but that didn’t stop Sky News promoting the fake news.

Sky News staff have not responded to Breitbart London this morning for comment on the matter, which comes hot on the heels of my television appearance with the organisation this weekend.

Ms. Evans used almost the same words as the “anonymous” source on the BBC Daily Politics programme, stating:

I think the problem has actually been that Nigel Farage has had too much influence in choosing successive leaders of Ukip. He was a great leader. He never really had a successor, he’s backed several candidates. In fact he’s backed all the candidates in the last four leadership elections we’ve had, candidates who have failed. That is a shame. His influence has meant the wrong have been selected. We had Diane James, who lasted 18 days and it got worse.

Ms. Evans — after her own failed bid at the job — ended up backing Paul Nuttall who led the party from four million votes in 2015 under Farage, to just 600,000 votes nationwide in 2017.

Her current stalking horse is believed to be Ben Walker, who has already stated his willingness to run for leader if Henry Bolton — currently mired in crisis — steps down or is removed.


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