WATCH CPAC: Nigel Farage Says Supporting Trump Was ‘Best Decision of my Life’

Brexit leader Nigel Farage was introduced to the main stage of CPAC, America’s largest conservative conference Friday afternoon by Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam.

The final speaker on the CPAC main stage during the Friday session, Mr Farage’s appearance followed his speech to CPAC’s main stage in 2017, where the former UKIP leader and key Brexit campaigner was again introduced by Mr Kassam.

Addressing the delegates, Mr Farage praised the rise of patriotic politics across Europe and America, calling President Trump inspirational and saying that supporting Trump’s presidency “was the best decision I’ve made in my life… I thought he’d be good, but he’s exceeded all expectations.”

Revealing that he’d had the opportunity to speak to President Trump in person earlier in the day, Mr Farage said Trump was a man “at the top of his game.”

However, speaking of the efforts to frustrate the Trump presidency Farage slammed the political activism by the supposedly neutral mainstream media, fake news being pushed over Russian collusion, and the big money being spent by George Soros and others to campaign for open borders.

Moving to Brexit, Mr Farage said the attempt by the “unholy trinity of big banks, big business, and big politics to stop Breixt from happening” meant things were not looking as positive in the UK as they are in the U.S. — and even went so far to say it was possible those colluding against the will of the British people could overturn Brexit.

Anticipating such an outcome, Mr Farage said he would return to the “front line” of the fight for Brexit if “the battle were to be refought”, vowing “from me, it would be no more Mr Nice Guy.”

Mr Farage spoke to Fox News earlier Friday, and in comments that foreshadowed his CPAC speech called on America to not judge Britain by the anti-President Trump rhetoric of left-wing London mayor Sadiq Khan, who has consistently spoken against a state visit by the President to the United Kingdom.

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Farage said: “I want to say to the audience at CPAC: ‘Please don’t judge my country by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Mr. Corbyn, and the left who every time the President is going to visit the UK promise mass street protests.

“Actually, the truth of it is that in the UK, too, people are beginning to get the Trump message and he would be very welcome to come to our country.”

Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam will draw on his time as chief of staff to Mr Farage during the 2015 election to introduce the Brexit leader to the stage. At the time of his 2017 speech to CPAC, Kassam had just completed a tour of European No Go Zones as he researched his book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You and slammed the mainstream media on stage for their refusal to discuss many of the problems facing European and Western communities.

Kassam told the delegates in 2017: “I was in Paris too, and I was in Brussels in [the municipalities of] Molenbeek too, and you guys at the back [the mainstream media], you just don’t get it!” blasted Mr. Kassam.

“You don’t go there, you don’t see what’s going on! Get your heads out of your rears!”

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