Despite Whipped-Up Hysteria ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ Went Largely Without Incident

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Despite a number of Muslim activists, politicians, and others attempting to whip up hysteria over a letter calling on people to attack Muslims, few, if any, actual attacks were reported.

The “Punish a Muslim Day” hysteria stemmed from members of the British and U.S. Muslim community receiving anonymous letters over the last few weeks that encouraged violence toward Muslims, including four Labour MPs.

The letters claimed to give “points” to varying degrees of harassment or violence toward Muslims, including inciting murder. So far, no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the letters and police have not announced any suspects to the public.

The day, which took place April 3rd, saw many members of the UK Muslim community take to Twitter to denounce it and Islamophobic attacks. Scottish government Minister for Transport, the Islamist-linked Humza Yousaf wrote on Twitter: “Take precautions you feel necessary but don’t let knuckle-dragging, far-right muppets dictate your life!”

Many of the fliers also made their way to the United States and notorious radical Muslim campaigner Linda Sarsour, who has called for a “jihad” against the Trump administration, took to Twitter to comment on the fliers.

While there are many posts on social media telling Muslims to be vigilant and to stand up against Islamophobia, there are few noted cases of actual attacks. The Metro reported only one suspected attack against a 22-year-old Muslim in east London who claimed to have had liquid thrown on her by a man in a white van.

The woman claimed she initially thought the liquid may be acid, likely due to the fact that the UK has one of the highest rates of recorded acid attacks in the world.

The hype surrounding the day did have an impact in some areas like Derby where 70 per cent of the taxi drivers at a local company called in sick claiming they were too scared to show up for work.

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